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For many who don’t know, HitRecord is an online collaborative production company, started by famous Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The website was started in 2010, but the production company was started back in 2005.

Now, there are many out there who upload their art or hobby on Facebook or YouTube, some even start their own Facebook page or YouTube channel.

There’s nothing wrong with that, its good, but what if your art could reach a wider audience and may even earn some money.

This is not a paid post, I am sharing this with you, because even I recently discovered about HitRecord and saw the video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt explaining what HitRecord is all about and that it will be airing on TV on pivot channel.

If you like to get noticed for your skills, this one is a good opportunity. Along with posting your creativity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, upload it on HitRecord.

There are few basic rules:

1) The records you upload are 100% original to you.

2) You grant every user on the right to remix your records.

3) You grant the non-exclusive right to monetize your records, sharing what we make after costs with contributors 50-50.

I suggest you watch the Terms of Service Video and even read it.

The best feature is that even curators are invited, yes, I did mention in one of blog posts, curators are taste makers, here’s a place where your votes will be valued.

I’ll stop here for now, just watch the video below:


Also, do watch the getting started video here, Getting Started on HitRecord.

Photo Source: Rachel Dispenza


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