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As emerging digital media for Startups & Entrepreneurship in India, one of our primary goals is to give due credit to all the entrepreneurs coming up with an awesome idea and then toiling hard to make it a reality. You must have noticed that all of our startup features are lengthy and in Q &A format.  This little post is just to give an insight on why we review Startups the way we review.

Why are most of our article in Q & A ? 

Startup founders have victories to share, frustrations to vent and are always willing to share the key lessons they learnt along the way. How can we do justice by writing a 300-word article, which picks up most of the stuff from their website? Our questions are meant to dig deeper into entrepreneur’s mind and heart. Get them to share all the things they’d want the world to know about them and their startup.

Does this mean, we would be running all our startup features in Q & A for lifetime? Nah, quite a lot of our startup features are non Q & A, but nevertheless capture the entire essence of putting the startup in limelight. Tomorrow, we may change our interview format, but still would ensure that Startup founders will get their words published verbatim on our website.

Why don’t we take the interview on phone? Why send questionnaire and ask the founder to fill them?

Because, we can never do justice in a 10 minute phone call. When we speak on phone, what we say depends a lot of what is running on our head at that point of time. And once the phone call is over, we then start remembering the stuff we should have told. In contrast, when we write, the thoughts are structured and it gives the Startup founder an opportunity to reflect on the questions we asked them.

Why so Lengthy ? Who would read them anyway ?

As a kid, didn’t you like Stories? We all did. People relate to Startup stories, and if you are a potential investor or employee at a given Startup, chances are that you’d read the entire interview from top to bottom. For a lot of interviews, the most important parts are highlighted, so that you’d still get the key takeaways in a glance.

Why team photo?

One thing we keep pestering Startup with, is to send a nice team photo to feature. Why? Because we believe that, the early employees are invaluable for the Startup. They believed in the idea, and are willing to put in their best efforts to take it to the next level. Our team photo concept is a small way of showing our tribute to all those startup employees that make the best ideas see light.

What kind of Startups do we feature? Did we reject any Startup after they requested a feature?

Please, give us a break. Who are we to decide if a Startup is worthy enough for feature?  We are digital media for Startups & Entrepreneurs, and our goal is to give the startup the best possible media exposure in India. We’ve covered big guys in Startup Space, as well as little e-commerce shops venturing out in the recent past.  Being judgemental on the Startup will defeat our very purpose of existence.  Yes, but I can tell you the one startup that we didn’t feature last time was a real estate company sending us a request everytime they launched a new venture. Fair enough, I guess.

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