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Tomorrow is your little toddler’s birthday. The best surprise apart from a chocolate cake and high flying balloons could be a videography. Image all their snaps in a single video. Pictures from Hostipal to warm hug, from crawls to first steps and from laughs to cries. All can be easily framed in a single video.

There are many tools for this. Some are Windows Movie Maker, Ezvid and Videopad etc from where you can make short moviews from pics and short videos. Some are extremely huge which require graphics card and mammoth hard disk. Those are Blender, Maya and 3DS etc.


To get an insight of AimerSoft Video Editor, I have created a detailed graph. This graph is accustomed by Rank and Softwares. On the left side is the name of the software and on the right side is the Rank. The rank is assigned preferably by keeping in mind the features, free/trial options, size, popularity etc.



UntitledAimerSoft Video Editor is a superb video editor to start editing your videos with. Starting with the open, as Aimersoft supports most of the video formats. Unlike any other video editor software, you have to assign the quality of the video after you are done. In AimerSoft Video Editor, you are to choose before you proceed. Let me start with a video with 16:9 aspect ratio, with a 1280×720 resolution. So, just open your video, drag it over the timeline and your video is over for editing. So, you see your cursor over the video. Just drag it around to have a glance. The next step is to edit the video. You can adjust the contrast, the brightness, hue and saturation. You may speed up your video as well. Now, next what you may do is crop your video. Fit it to a size, if the borders are just blushing off to find a way, easy, just remove them to fit it on screen. Select a region and split it off. Alas! Your video has a new size and story timing to work with. Then, you may record a voice service to add to your clip.


Add Stuffs

Now, a next feature, you may as well add text to your clip. Just turn it over to navigate to the timeline. Then, select a text type, type in your text and push it off to the timeline. Alas! A text is added to your clip. An intuitiveness and richness to your clip. As well, what I forgot is that, you may edit the font, the styles to bold, italics, and even add colours to your text. Most video editors support foreground colour, but it supports background as well. So, a nice way to design your clips. Next, what to use with your clips are add the effects. There, are a plenty of effects to do with. A balloon, with normal, sepia, washout etc. to start with the clip. So, just drag it on over the timeline. You may as well go in for a face or eyes, as a clipart to get with.

You can add transitions to your clip. They are many like wipe-out, explode and fade etc. Navigate with your cursor at the middle of the clip, add the transitions as well. So, you are about to finish. Place a start for the video. There are several amazing start pages which none of the editors do give you. Even the most popular windows movie maker also doesn’t support all of them. Just awesome to start with most of them.


Complexity Simplified as mentioned. All other video editors do not have this feature. The feature that let you save your artwork in numerous formats.


Apart from saving it on computer, you have the options to save the video in your desired devices like Archos, Note, HTC and PSP etc. Also, you can share it instantly on youtube or facebook.


Good things doesn’t come for free. You can purchase the pro pack of Aimersoft Video Editor available for $35 only. You can use the full features that are locked in trial mode. Like watermaks that you are see in the video below, extended quality of saving videos, more options and extra effects.

Aimersoft Video Editor is not the best software in terms of feature, there are softwares like Maya and 3DS. These are used by high end video jockeys and graphic designers. They are the Fruity Loops of the video world. Then comes Adobe Primiere. But anyways, Aimersoft Video Editor comes next. This video editor is better than other freewares. The trial version of this software is not a cheap stunt from Aimersoft. If you are planning something big and you want it to be quick, purchase it.



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