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There is no doubt that the popularity of smartphones is increasing fast and with it increases the demand for useful tools, fun games and various kinds of apps. Definitely, the app market is seeing a big surge in the number and variety of apps being produced with each passing day. Being beneficial on one side, this also brings in a lot of trouble for the user, on the other hand. Why? Simply stated, it is getting very difficult to find the right apps you need considering the amount of mobile apps being developed today. This is also harmful for developers as a lot of good apps also get lost in the crowd.

To solve this problem, enters Appszito, an app search engine with the goal to provide users with swift and relative search results. Appszito strives to cater to the consumer by providing a state of the art search engine that caters specifically to mobile apps. On Appszito users will find easy access to the most up to date information available on mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

With so many apps being created, quality mobile apps can get lost in the shuffle. Appszito helps in solving this problem both from a consumer and a developer perspective.

This is what the team at Appszito had to say:

About The Difference Between Integrated Search and Appszito

We are very different from standard integrated search, as our crawlers crawl across the web in its entirety and gather up to date, relevant information about mobile apps. One could compare Appszito to Google, except our search engine is specifically targeted towards Android and iOS device mobile apps. The same process of key word search is utilized, however all irrelevant information is excluded and users receive relevant results with every inquiry.

About Generating Revenue

As we previously mentioned, the mobile app market is fairly saturated. Due to this, developers are finding it difficult to break even on the apps they create. Since we highlight mobile apps on our search engine, developers are approaching us to advertise their apps on specific searches with sponsored ads, much like Google’s successful ad revenue sharing.

We are also starting to see some excitement about our targeted mobile app search engine from app stores. In the near future, we will be launching our own sponsored app feature.

About Their Marketing Plans

Promotion, promotion, promotion! Currently we are very active on social media sites utilizing promotional campaigns to generate popularity. We are also generating a very positive word of mouth following from the people that utilize our service and then recommend us to others.

In this initial phase, we are targeting the USA, Europe and Asian markets and reaching out to our customers with advertisements targeted towards them.

About Their Long-Term Plan With Appszito

Appszito has a goal. Our goal is to become the de facto search engine for mobile apps worldwide. We want to be the ‘go to’ site for relevant mobile app search for consumers and mobile app developers. We plan on continuing to update our site with the most beneficial information to help consumers find the exact mobile apps they need quickly and efficiently.

We also plan on continuing to help developers by allowing ease of access to their products with targeted search results.

You might even see Appszito like we do… Our search engine ‘child’ is growing and evolving with the mobile app market. As new apps become available, we will absorb the ever increasing pool of information and continue to provide the most up to date information available for mobile
apps across the World Wide Web.

Soon, users can search Windows Phone Mobile apps through Appszito.


Do have a look at Appszito and let us know what you think. We wish the team at Appszito lots of success.


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