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united nations a startup that makes technology for feature phones, has received United Nations recognition for its efforts in bringing better quality of life to people around the world.

The biNu application aims to put smartphone-like features into the hands of feature-phone users. It places special emphasis on usability in spite of spotty networks and expensive data plans. biNu also brings high-speed, low-power services to Android users in emerging markets.

To honor the startup’s work, the U.N. today gave biNu a MY World Innovation Award. The award especially speaks to biNu’s work toward creating the next set of Millennium Development Goals for the U.N. These goals include drastically reducing the number of people living in extreme poverty, stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS, and bringing grade-school education to every child in the world by 2015.

These goals were created through a U.N.-conducted survey, and biNu “provided a fundamental contribution” to that survey, said U.N. reps in a statement. biNu’s technology was used to collect more than 100,000 responses and 7,000 individual photos.

“biNu is changing the lives of millions of people through connecting them, engaging them, and giving them fast easy access to information and services,” said biNu CEO Gour Lentell in a statement.

“Reaching people in some of the world’s most remote areas and enabling them to engage in a global conversation and have their opinions heard as part of the MY World Global Survey has been incredibly rewarding. Being recognized for our efforts with the innovation award was unexpected but a great honor.”

Via: VentureBeat

Image Credit: Man Soni



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