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For the youtubers, tumblrites, bloggers, journalists, lovers of semantic web and all the cyber crew of digital media, we all love to see solutions that make our task of composing, creating and sharing our work on social sphere smooth and speedy.

Because we put crazy efforts and countless hours to design and create the content, videos, mailers, stuffs, etc. for our audiences to sit back, consume, enjoy and stimulate the positives of our creation.

And we don’t just expect to see a mere multi-platform communicator, we need something that puts focus on the Content and handles it well, so we don’t need to pester ourselves for the alphanumeric limitations of social networks.

EveryPost created by geeky team of Fernando and Leandro, aims to solve just that and wants you to focus on your content and let the app take care of the curbs of social arenas.

We got an opportunity to get in conversation with Fernando Cuscuela, Co-Founder & CEO of EveryPost and dig more into it.

We do already have established players in the market for social media platform management. Why do we need Everypost? How would you describe it’s USP?

Social Networks have different capabilities and also different audiences. Everypost is a unique mobile tool that facilitates content creation and leverages social platform features with the purpose of publishing content to all major social channels with an all-in-one tool. We offer a different approach than our main competitors, because we  stay focused on content: content creation, customization and widely distribution.

How has been the response so far? What features are coming up next?

Users love us. In just 6 month we got more than 350 amazing reviews with an average of 4.5 stars in both stores (Apple and Google Play). Organically, and without a viral factor, we got more than 39,400 active users in the last 3 months and we are growing 40% per month on average. Also more than 300,000 post were done since our launch. 30% of this made in the last month showing an exponential usage grow.

We are going to launch a premium version with Facebook, Google+ pages, and Linkedin companies next. Also we will be adding WordPress, Blogger, Flickr, Foursquare, and, hopefully soon, Instagram. In just a few month a Web version with content curation and photo edition will be launched too.

How do you earn revenues?  Please tell us if the startup is self funded, and if you have break even.

Our business model is freemium. The tool will be always free to use with personal social profiles but paid for content curators just like bloggers and journalists, and also for small/medium size businesses and agencies with different plans limited by the number of profiles and additional features. In addition, and due to the nature of our users who are influencers of their own audience, we will bring an incredible opportunity for brands who want to reach and engage specific users.

Take us through Twitter Text  Shortener feature in your App. How do you ensure the actual message still stays intact?

The automatic twitter text shortener facilitates posting to users that wants to write without the limitation of 140 characters. The message could be read in a related page through a link that we provide in the automatic shortening. Nothing changes, but we make it easy for non 140 chars lovers too. And it is a very popular feature.

Everypost  is a startup from Argentina. Would love to hear how the scene in Argentina is for Entrepreneurship, and what would you like to see changing there?

Everypost was born in Argentina thanks to NXTP Labs, one of the two accelerators that exist there. They gave us the first 25K to do the MVP and see the market acceptance. It’s not easy to have a business in our country due to government instability, but we have great professionals and we know how to manage in a constant crisis. That thing makes us very well recognized professionals in the world.

Right now Everypost’s headquarters are based in Miami, where we do Business Development and Marketing team, and the Development team is in Buenos Aires.

What’s one trend that really excites you?

We are a mobile first company and we are really excited about the change mobile is doing in people. We aim to redefine social publishing through mobile where we know people will stay more time working, not so far.

Tell us about the team behind Everypost.

Team EveryPost

We have a great team, the perfect mix between UX designers and Sr Developers. With Leandro, the other Co-founder, we have more than 14 years of experience in the Media Industry. I worked before for international companies such us AOL and Turner and Leandro founded before dos al cubo, the most recognized CMS company for online newspapers in Argentina and very well recognized in Latin America which right now he is part of the directory board.

We perfectly understand how journalists do their work easy and fast. We breath CMS tecnology and we know we can translate our experience to Everypost and build the best social publishing tool without worries about competitors which are most focused on web, monitoring and analytics, than content edition.



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