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AAM_logo-300x127 is a step ahead the usual sites like Just Dial, Zomato, etc. Though at the first glance it may seem to be a similar platform, but a closer look proves otherwise. Most of them are either Web Directory/Local search OR Online Ordering system OR Society Management Tool OR Social Networking tool. is all of the above with advantage of area specific.

With users can choose the area first and the category later. It was purely developed based on real life situations where for Grocery, Dairy, Bakery, Doctor, Repairing Shops, Restaurants or Schools (and many other needs in case of immediate shopping) people prefer from the nearest options.

Started 27 months back after leaving his growth oriented SAP Consultant’s profile with Mphasis, Founder and CEO Devendra Sarda feels proud that he had chosen a correct path. Irrespective of challenges he faced like any other Start up, he never thought to quit, as he found it much more potential in comparison to whatever he could even imagine while starting it.


Moreover, the developers have identified that if some web/app cannot become part of day today utility of AAM AADMI, it may excite “many for few days” for “few for many days”, but would certainly does not become a Brand of everybody.

The website provides features like Second Hand Sell in area (safe and easy for both seller and user), Jobs in Area (Would anyone like to travel 12-15 km if same job is available in area), Social Service Network (Being in same area People will not only meet but may help many), Online Expert Guidance and coming up with Intra Society Management Tool on Web and App both. These options will not only help the user to spend his/her spare time constructively on ApneAreaMein but will also fulfill our final aim to make ApneAreaMein App obvious choice of every user and home page of every Web user.

 Journey so far

They have got Clients from the first month itself. Though earlier offering were Print and Web media combination, however they are looking for steep growth in Internet penetration & Smart Phones in India, they have decided to focus on development and ensured that they are available on both of these media with best features.

They have already got more than 150 Paid advertisers and have more than 6000 listings that too from 20% of Pune. As they are yet to focus on Marketing of it after the involvement of Investors, they are happy with the encouraging response of Users and Shopkeepers both. has launched it’s Android App’s free Beta Version on 11-12-13 on Google Play Store.

The website not only provides you data in particular area, but also helps you to create your order, check your bill and directly send through ready SMS to the list of Restaurants from your area. Both Restaurants owners and users(Free for User) are finding it very convenient and cost effective. They are continuously introducing many other features on both Web and Android App.

The site was funded by family and friends till now. However, they are looking to raise around INR 10 Crore in coming months to launch its pilot project in 3 cities.

 Advertiser’s choice

Small and Mid size Shopkeepers face problem of low cost media. Most of them know that they are going to get clients only from 3-4 Km. surroundings, still they have to pay for entire city as same as other big clients i.e. Showrooms. They give the options to advertise only in areas of their preference. So from 1 area to complete City, they can choose any options with ApneAreaMein.

The website allow user to select the items from Menu/Grocery List /Bakery based on the price and directly place the order without waiting for somebody to pick the phone for ordering to the neighbourhood shops which were not available online on other platforms due to high cost. Being bills usually less than 500/-, User prefer to pay in cash and Restaurants are happy that their amount is not stuck in process.


Devendra Sarda

Devendra Sarda

Not only for creating money, but for creating value as well team is keeping on launching lots of interesting features on Web and Mobile App. Unlike any other Web site, which is either trying to help User OR trying to help Vendor, ensures that each stake holder User, Client, Employees, Investor, Society & Nation – each one should be able to get the benefit of it to become a long term player in Market and create real value for Nation.


In just one glance it appears to be another Web Directory, but when you get into details, you will be surprised to see its vision about the impact of this simple looking venture in everybody’s life.

Their multiple revenue streams and offerings are complimenting each other.

Though Devendra never started to copy or compete with any big Companies, but coincidently the way the product is taking shape in terms of utility, a single integrated Solution could give a tough competition (in Indian Market) to some big players i.e. Just Dial/Askme/Asklaila, Zomato /TastyKhana, Apartment Adda/Common Floor OR even Flipkart / Snapdeal etc. in future.

* E commerce would be launched in near future with many value additions which nobody is able to offer currently.

TTP’s take takes the usual concept of a search directory one notch higher. However, what this website needs right now is proper marketing and reaching out to as many people as possible. With exceptional marketing strategies, is sure to reach the zenith! We wish the ApneAreaMein team a very good luck!


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