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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent launches in the FinTech sector.

New global brokerage payments solution for faster, lower cost alternative to SWIFT Settlement

In March, the FinTech Nium, launched a new brokerage payments solution that offers international financial institutions a faster and more cost-effective method of settling transactions to select US brokerages enabling customers to easily invest in US equities.

When compared to transactions settled via the SWIFT International Payments Network, Nium lowers settlement costs for Financial Institutions by up to 90% for international brokerage account transactions.


  • Costsavings of up to 90%: Global financial institutions leveraging the Nium brokerage solution can save up to 90% on each transfer, and use those savings to drive P&L gains or increase volume by offering customers lower cost
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Decreasing friction associated with investing in the U.S stock market for international investors drives customer loyalty and brand affinity.
  • Increased demand for newpartnerships: By leveraging Nium’s network to optimize payments to U.S. brokerage accounts, global FIs can reach new customers by taking advantage of Nium’s low-cost transfers to drive new brokerage

Gold/silver delivery along with vault updates

OroPocket, a fintech solution that provides real-world assets like gold, silver into online gold and silver, announced a new feature to allow users to get direct ownership of their vaulted gold and silver. The company will be moving to a dual-vault system. This means that there will be a UK vault and an Indian vault. With this, users can get deliveries of the assets to their homes.

“All the future purchases including gold and silver AIP on OroPocket app, would happen in the Indian vault from now on. This will enable us to start physical deliveries of gold and silver to the customer’s doorstep. Users can liquidate the assets whenever they want and can transfer their gold or silver to the Indian vault at the same price,” Mohit Madan, CEO & Founder, OroPocket said.

OroPocket is also planning to launch a developer program as a platform to build a bunch of financial services applications using their APIs.


  • The Indian vault becomes the default one for everyone globally
  • Users can easily convert digital gold to physical gold and the delivery comes with insurance, to ensure the gold reaches safely with a premium tamper-proof delivery

A marquee trading platform with zero brokerage & no hidden charges

Mirae Asset, a FinTech launched m.Stock, a platform for investment in the capital markets across the world. The product offers access to all trading and investment products under one roof paired with a ‘Zero Brokerage and No Commission’ model.

m.Stock features a flat account opening fee of INR 999 with zero brokerage, no platform fees, and a one-time account opening structure which defines a completely new category. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

With investment options that include stocks, F&Os, currencies, IPOs, and mutual funds, m.Stock provides multi-level security, with the capability to process more than one crore trades a day for more than 15 lakh customers at the same time globally.

“Our aim behind m.Stock is to build a platform that the user will fall in love with, a journey the users will enjoy executing and the pricing which is a market differentiator still stands unbelievable to many. If anyone is looking for a simple, smart, safe, and intuitive platform, I am sure the search will stop at m.Stock. I would also like to reiterate that no matter how unbelievable the pricing may sound it is true, this comes with no catch,” Arun Chaudhry, Director and Chief Business Officer, Mirae Asset Capital Markets (India) Pvt. Ltd, said.


Pre-designed index baskets

Voice search for individual stocks and contracts

Access to long term historical data

One-click full exchange basket buy

Intuitive help sections

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