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HP laptops gained a lot of attention over the years for launching notebooks that featured a sleek and trendy design, powered by long-lasting batteries and audio systems. Every year, it launches new laptops in its very successful series, Pavilion and Envy. It becomes increasingly confusing to find the best laptops that not only offer great features, but are also affordable. In this post, we shall outline five of the best value for money notebooks from HP.

HP Pavilion G6Z

HP Pavilion G6

This laptop falls in the budget-laptop zone. The Pavilion series notebooks have been very successful in the past, and Pavilion G6Z gets a Windows 8 upgrade in the series. One look at the laptop and you would know that it is designed with a lot of focus on user aesthetics. The rounded corners, a light weight chassis and overall ergonomic design make this notebook extremely comfortable to handle. The lid, bezel and the keyboard deck have a glossy finish to them, which makes it look pretty. Pavilion g6z comes with a dual core AMD A6 processor. It has 4 GB of RAM, and a 500 GB 7200 rpm HDD. It also comes with an AMD Radeon HD 7000 graphics, which is good only to play light games. It comes with a 15.6 inch LED-backlit display, with a resolution of 1366X768. It provides a very good viewing angle, and details are quite crisp. It also has a very spacious keyboard, which when combined to its light weight ends up being a very pleasant experience while using on the lap. It is powered by Dolby’s Audio, which offers a very impressive performance, even in a semi crowded room. The laptop comes in around Rs 24000. And for that money, you get quite a lot from the system.

HP Envy 4-1030US

HP Envy 4-1030US ultrabook

This notebook is technically an Ultrabook, because of its sleek design and battery backup and an SSD hard drive. It has a matte aluminum alloy for the exterior and interior design. The effect is a sleek looking laptop with a design aesthetics that is very modern. It is very lightweight at just 1.7 kg, and features a very comfortable keyboard. The keyboard is backlight, and all the keys are uniformly lit– it is an absolute to use it at nights. It has a 14 inch 1366X768 display, which offers a great amount detail thanks to its LED backlit technology. It comes with Beats Audio, which is simply excellent to use when playing back HQ music. Under the hood, it is powered by a 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 3rd Generation processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 32 GB SSD drive. The device is very smooth when it comes to daily operations. It doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, but comes powered with Intel Graphics HD 4000 GPU, which gives just enough strength to pull through basic games. It has an excellent battery backup, lasting more than 6 hours when it comes to everyday tasks.

HP Envy Sleekbook


This is an AMD powered budget Ultrabook. It comes with a 15.6 inch display with LED backlit technology. It weights a little over 2 kg. So, it is not really the most portable of notebooks, but HP managed to put Beats Audio, which is generally absent in smaller units. It comes with an AMD A6 APU and 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB of storage. Sadly there is no SSD in the device, but for the money, a traditional 5400 rpm HDD isn’t a bad product. Along with WLAN, it also comes with a gigabit Ethernet port. If you look through the specs of the notebook, it becomes more than obvious that it is much more than being an Ultrabook. With so many things packed inside it, it comes with an astonishing tag of Rs 40k.

HP EliteBook 2170P


This is an 11.1 inch, 1.5 kg ultraportable notebook. It would look a little overpriced at Rs 70k, however, the specs and the overall performance that you get out of this justify the high price tag. One of the first things about EliteBook is that it is stronger than your average laptop and can take more hits than your average notebook. It has an 11.1 inch, 1366X768 display. The biggest shortcoming with the laptop is probably the absence of a touchscreen on the display given that it supports Windows 8. It comes with a 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of storage. It has Intel HD Graphics 4000 for graphics. It gives a battery backup of more than 6 hours under the average use of web browsing over Wi-Fi. So, if you are always on the move, and need a portable laptop, EliteBook is the device of choice.

HP ProBook 4540S

HP Probook

ProBook series is meant for business professional, and 4540S is the entry-level unit in this series. It is a 15.6 inch laptop, with an Intel Core i3 processor, and 4 GB of RAM which should make it more than sufficient for everyday tasks. It has 500 GB of storage and Intel HD Graphics 4000 as GPU. It has a sturdy design with an aluminum casing to provide the required protection. It comes preloaded Windows 7 Professional, while one can also upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. It has a gigabit Ethernet port in addition to WLAN and an additional USB 3.0 port. For a price of Rs 40k, the HP ProBook offers a sturdy laptop with good specs, and should be more than enough to fit the needs of most consumers.


These laptops undoubtedly have the highest feature-to-price ratio in the American manufacturer’s fleet. The notebook which would be suitable for you would depend crucially on how your needs and how much money you are willing to speed. So, it is vital that before you embark on buying a notebook, you need to figure out what the use-case is going to be as there are clearly different notebooks targeted for different usage scenarios. A look at the HP laptop price list shows how there is a very good notebook at every different segment in the market.


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