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Facebook is one of my go-to sources for most of the information – Startups, Latest news & technology and ofcourse Humor. I’ve subscribed to a couple of Funny Facebook Pages which keeps me engaged with their fresh content every now and then. Of all the pages I visit,  the facebook pages with satirical, funny and witty content have Lakhs of likes!  Over time, I begun to think on why they have amassed so many fans. We do not have time to call our loved ones or finish up that one last line of code – but we sure “like” and comment on their latest post. There is definitely human psychology involved.


The Facebook page mentioned above has amassed 1 Lakh likes in a matter of 3 days! It’s an awesome achievement. Facebook pages like these are a valuable asset to the page owners, which provide money earning by selling the page or promoting several brands on their page for a price.  We got in touch with Athul Jayaram, who blogs extensively at juniorhero and maintains a facebook page called Oye Chhote Do Cup Chaaye Le Ke Aa. This facebook page also has 1 Lakh+ fans.  When quizzed on how he got so many likes, he says, “That page was started up by my friend and we worked together in posting photos that makes an impact on the Facebook Lovers.We didn’t employ any FB ads or paid marketing, We just posted on the page only and as posts became interesting we got tons of shares and lot of likes”.  He currently don’t earn anything with this, but have started looking out for promoting brands on their famous facebook page.

What are the 3 things I learnt by “Liking” these funny & satirical facebook pages?

1. Content is the KING.

No matter how much marketing or buzz you generate about your startup, if your content is not USEFUL enough to the audience in some way – it just doesn’t work. Useful can be informative, tickling their brain cells or just getting them to smile. But, whatever the purpose of your existence is, keep generating interesting content on a very consistent basis.

2. ASSOCIATE with other people in your domain.

When the facebook page “Yeh Aisa Hona Chaiye Waisa Toh Woh Bhi Hai” started on June 8th, no one knew it existed. But, when people saw this page details on their favorite pages which urged them to go and like this page – it worked big time.  Reaching to the audience through their trusted sources is one of the best forms of advertising.

3. BUILD first, earn LATER.

With these Facebook pages, the owners had to spend enormous amounts of time to keep the page interesting. It takes time, energy and true passion to what you are doing to keep going when you don’t earn anything. However, the principle of building first is very critical to any business. Build your audience, build your product and see how it goes.  Don’t mind to belittle the revenue portion, but it is important to get people on board before pushing your product to them.

What are your favorite Facebook pages? May be, I’ll go ahead and like a few too.


Photo Source: Mike Vasilev, Ross Moody



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