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This England based startup has come up with audio frame reading glass and sunglass variants for music lovers.

Using sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun? Why not enjoy some music at the same time?

Xertz, an England based startup that aims at offering innovative products in gadgets and accessories to suit modern taste and usage, has combined design and performance in the form of the first ever true wireless stereo technology based audio frame sunglasses and glasses for the Indian customer.

The variants available are CARBON XZ01 and ELITE XZ01. CARBON XZ01 comes in both audio frame reading glasses and sunglasses variants.

Deep Vyas, Co-founder of Shree Samiri Technologies, which drives Xertz’s technology innovation, said, “We are committed to our values of style, comfort and clarity, which we aim to fulfill through our technology innovation in the form of Xertz. We are also aware that the millennials today yearn for innovative yet stylish gadgets to suit their taste. This is what we intend to fulfill through Xertz’s exclusive product launch justifying the product quality and capability.”

“While keeping our design simplistic, we also ensure product portability. We hope our customers will appreciate the new product. In the next couple of months, we have lined up exciting products for the customer,” he added.

Each component caters to the user’s comfort and product durability. The glasses can be used for all kinds of prescribed lenses for daily usage. This gadget comes after their Duraflex B10, the wireless in-ear earphone, in flexible neckband style.


XZ01 series glasses are splash and dirt proof, as they come with DIAM coating and EXT layer, which is water and oil resistant. The glasses have anti-glare sun lens that makes them safe for eyes and also while driving.

The glasses come with a 110 mAh battery on each side, which allows the user five hours of uninterrupted music and a charge time of two hours. The glasses come with a magnetic charge port, Bluetooth connectivity and directional audio speakers for music and voice calls. With just a press of a button users can enjoy their music and calls on the go without any discomfort. The products are priced  from INR 9,999 onwards.

The products are currently available for purchase on the website. The glasses are unisex and have many optional DIY styles.

About Xertz

Xertz started in 2020 in England and Shree Samiri Technologies, which was established in January 2020 as a partnership firm, solely operates the brand Xertz in the India market. Shree Samiri Technologies is an Ahmedabad based and DPIIT recognized startup founded by three co-founders in 2020. The startup aims to deliver innovative and improved products and services related to the wearables, IoT, and smartphone category, with an emphasis on style, durability, and affordability.


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