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The Tech Panda takes a look at recently launched gadgets & apps in the market.

Audio tech: ZEB-Blitz C and ZEB-Havoc gaming headphones

Zebronics launched the ZEB-Blitz C and ZEB-Havoc gaming headphones.

Karan Grover, Sr. Director Commercial Partnerships – IMEA (India, Middle East & Africa), Dolby Laboratories said, “By joining forces with Zebronics, we are bringing incredible sound experiences to gaming for Indian consumers.  With more layers and sharper details, the Dolby Atmos experience on the ZEB-Blitz C and ZEB-Havoc gaming headphones invites you into a richer audio experience that connects you more deeply with your games.”


Focused on innovation, Zebronics headphones come with Dolby Atmos® to enhance the gaming experience, taking audio to the next level with added clarity and detail.

In unanimity, these headphones feature an immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos, and 50mm Neodymium drivers, ensuring powerful bass and high-fidelity sound. Multi Color lights add a vibrant touch to gaming setups, creating an engaging visual ambiance that complements the intense audio experience. The lightweight design of both models, coupled with comfortable features like soft-cushioned ear cups and padded headbands, ensures fatigue-free gaming sessions.

Distinctively, the ZEB-Blitz C takes gaming audio to new heights with its high-fidelity audio through the Type-C port, offering seamless integration and ease of use. Meanwhile, the ZEB-Havoc showcases a sleek design with a suspension headband, providing a perfect blend of comfort and style for gamers seeking a unique gaming aesthetic. These headphones stand as a testament to Zebronics’ commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design in the realm of gaming audio.

Wearable technology: Everest Smartwatch

Crossbeats unveiled its latest offering Everest Smartwatch, available at an introductory price of just Rs.1,999.

Archit Agarwal, Co-Founder of Crossbeats said, “We are excited to launch Everest Smartwatch, it is also the first product of this year. We have designed this product to cater to the needs of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a perfect blend of rugged design, advanced health-tracking features, and intelligent functionalities. With the Everest Smartwatch by their side, users can conquer any challenge they encounter while exploring the great outdoors, making it an indispensable companion for every adventure seeker.”


Boasting Titanium finish bezels and a metal aluminum frame, the Everest exudes durability and resilience, ensuring resistance to dust, shock, and moisture in even the harshest conditions. Its visually stunning 1.43-inch HD AMOLED Display, with a resolution of 466×466 pixels and 850 nits of brightness, guarantees crystal-clear visibility, even in glaring sunlight.

The advanced biosensor chipset of the Smartwatch accurately monitors vital health metrics, including blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation levels, sleep patterns, and heart rate. With its ultra-long 320mAh battery capacity, users can relish up to 7 days of continuous usage and up to 30 days on standby, ensuring uninterrupted performance during extended outdoor escapades.

It features an extensive array of over 100 sports modes tailored to their preferences. With the smartwatch powered by a single-chip Bluetooth, users can expect an elevated experience with enhanced convenience and functionality. Smart features such as remote camera control, remote music playback, reminders, and Bluetooth calling will further enhance the overall experience, ensuring seamless integration into daily routines.

Audio tech: Harmonic series of Sound bars

URBAN enters the home audio category with the launch of their Harmonic series of Sound bars. Keeping in mind different segments, the brand launched Harmonic 2240 With Dolby Surround Sound & Harmonic 1120 With Deep Bass HD Sound.

Aashish Kumbhat, Co-Founder of URBAN, said “As we introduce the Harmonic Sound bar Range, our vision is to redefine the audio landscape by delivering an unparalleled blend of superb sound quality, sleek design, and advanced features. Our approach is rooted in making these cutting-edge audio experiences accessible to all, ensuring that technology enhances, not limits, entertainment. Moving forward, URBAN will continue to innovate, prioritise customer needs, and forge strategic partnerships, solidifying our commitment to providing unmatched audio solutions in the Home Theatre Sound bars category.”


  • Immersive Sound: Experience pure audio bliss with a powerful 240-watt sound bar and subwoofer combo, featuring quad speakers for crystal-clear sound.
  • Dolby Audio Technology: The incorporation of Dolby Audio technology ensures that sound feels like it’s all around, making every moment truly unforgettable.
  • Boombastic Bass: Feel the beat with Boombastic bass, designed to thump the heart and shake the room. Additionally, with a dedicated EQ mode, users can customize the bass to suit their mood.
  • Wireless Subwoofer with Remote Control: Say goodbye to cluttered cables! The wireless subwoofer connects to the sound bar, providing the freedom to place it anywhere in the room. With the included remote control, adjusting audio settings is as easy as pressing a button.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Whether preferring to stream music via Bluetooth 5.3, connect devices through the AUX port, or enjoy high-quality audio with Optical Fiber, HDMI Arc, or USB Drive, the Harmonic Sound Bars have users covered, ensuring a seamless and tailored audio experience.
  • Available in two variants URBAN Harmonic Sound bar 2240 and URBAN Harmonic Sound bar 1120 seamlessly integrates into any home décor, adding a touch of sophistication to your entertainment setup. Harmonic 2240 comes with Dolby Audio Technology while URBAN 1120 comes with URBAN Signature tuned sound. Whether mounted on the wall or placed beneath your TV, its sleek design elevates the aesthetics of any room while delivering exceptional sound quality.
  • URBAN Harmonic can be purchased at a starting price of Rs 9,999 through the company’s website, popular e-commerce platforms, and at leading retail stores pan India.

App: India’s first AI-enabled customs duties app

Cusbuzz has launched India’s first AI-enabled customs duties app, which promises to revolutionize the way EXIM businesses, logistics firms, and customs house agents access and leverage customs information.

Anil Jain, Head of Marketing at Cusbuzz adds, “By consolidating and presenting this critical information in a user-friendly, mobile-friendly interface, Cusbuzz streamlines processes, enhances operational efficiency, and empowers businesses to make informed trade decisions swiftly. This real-time access to Customs tariff is particularly valuable in the dynamic EXIM environment, where tariffs, regulations, and preferential trade agreements are subject to frequent changes”.


Developed by Tech-based Business Solutions provider Futec Global, Cusbuzz is a comprehensive, real-time, and mobile-friendly platform that empowers industry players with valuable insights and accurate customs duty calculations at their fingertips. The app is currently available on the web and Android platforms, with an iOS version slated for release next month, ensuring seamless accessibility across various devices and operating systems.

At the core of Cusbuzz’s game-changing capabilities lies its ability to provide real-time access to the latest customs duties, cess, exemption notifications, and IGST rates. This eliminates the need for EXIM professionals to navigate through outdated and cumbersome resources, such as bulky books and infrequently updated websites, which often lead to inefficiencies and uninformed decision-making.

However, Cusbuzz’s true game-changing prowess lies in its AI-based intelligent algorithms, which offer strategic suggestions for minimizing customs duties and optimizing cost savings. This standout feature sets Cusbuzz apart from traditional customs information resources, providing EXIM businesses and logistics players with a powerful competitive edge.

The app’s intuitive design ensures ease of use, while users can set alerts on their specific HSN codes for real-time tracking of changes in the custom duties & introduction of new HSN codes.

Through its advanced capabilities, Cusbuzz analyzes a myriad of factors, including general exemptions, preferential duties, alternate HSN codes (Harmonized System codes used for classifying goods), alternative supplier countries, and even alternate landing ports. By leveraging this comprehensive data analysis, the app provides actionable insights and recommendations that can potentially translate into significant cost savings for businesses.

For instance, Cusbuzz may suggest sourcing goods from a country with preferential trade agreements, leading to lower customs duties. Alternatively, it may recommend exploring alternate HS codes or relevant exemptions, which could result in substantial cost reductions. These strategic suggestions empower EXIM businesses to optimize their supply chains, streamline operations, and enhance their bottom line, ultimately boosting their competitiveness in the global market.

Moreover, Cusbuzz’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set make it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes, from small-scale EXIM operators to large-scale logistics firms and customs house agents.

Consumer Electronics: CoolingExpert PRO AC

Hisense, a consumer electronics and home appliances platform, strengthens its India air conditioner product portfolio with the announcement of the launch of CoolingExpert PRO AC.

Steven Li, Managing Director of Hisense India, remarked, “At Hisense, our vision for India has always been to enrich the lives of our consumers through technology. With the launch of CoolingExpert PRO, we are taking a significant step towards providing not just cooling but an immersive experience that aligns with the evolving needs of our customers. This product reflects our long-term commitment to innovation, sustainability, and above all, customer satisfaction.”


  • Quick Chill Technology: Activated for swift and efficient cooling through Quick Chill Turbo Mode, the intelligent compressor achieves rapid temperature reduction. This feature combines high fan speed, responding promptly to cooling needs and providing instant comfort at users’ fingertips.
  • 4-in-1 Convertible Mode: Tailoring the cooling experience becomes seamless with the 4-in-1 Convertible Mode, allowing precise adjustment of compressor speed for faster cooling and improved power efficiency. Users can choose from 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% modes, providing flexibility to create the perfect environment for any situation.
  • Intelligent Inverter with Variable Tonnage Technology: The AC delivers accelerated cooling and increased energy savings with the Intelligent Inverter. Employing Variable Tonnage Technology, it dynamically adjusts its performance based on users’ requirements, striking an optimal balance between efficiency and comfort.
  • Anti-corrosion Protection: Hairpin Coating and Blue Fins: Shielded from corrosion caused by humidity or pollution, the CoolingExpert PRO AC features an Extra Enhanced hairpin coating and Blue Fins for the Indoor Unit, ensuring longevity and optimal performance even in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Customizable Intelligent Modes: Comfort becomes tailored with the Intelligent Modes, allowing seamless switching between Auto, Cool, Dry, and Fan modes based on prevailing weather conditions. This ensures an ideal environment for every moment, enhancing overall comfort.
  • Health-Focused PM 2.5 Filter: Prioritizing health with the PM 2.5 filter, the CoolingExpert PRO AC safeguards against viruses and pollution, providing clean and fresh air throughout the space. This feature contributes to a healthier indoor environment for users and their loved ones.
  • Durable 100% Copper Build: Built with 100% copper, the CoolingExpert PRO AC ensures durability, easy maintenance, and an extended product lifespan. This feature provides peace of mind, assuring reliable performance for years to come.
  • Environmentally Conscious R-32 Refrigerant: Contribution to environmental protection is made through the use of the R-32 refrigerant, a next-generation solution resulting in zero ozone depletion. The use of R-32 aligns with the commitment to sustainability and the well-being of the planet.
  • Sleep Mode for Optimal Rest: The sleep environment is enhanced with Sleep Mode, gradually adjusting the temperature by 1 degree every hour for the next 2 hours, then maintaining it for the following 6 hours, and returning to the set temperature in the morning. This ensures a comfortable and energy-efficient sleep experience.
  • Wide Voltage Range for Stabilizer-Free Operations: Operation becomes seamless between 140-290V with stabilizer-free operations, protecting against sudden voltage fluctuations. This wide voltage range ensures a reliable and uninterrupted cooling experience, adapting to diverse electrical conditions.
  • Intelligent Self-Cleaning and Diagnosis: Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is made simple with the click of a button using Intelligent Self-Clean. This prevents dust or mold accumulation on the indoor coil. Additionally, the AC scans 33 parameters for real-time error codes, empowering users to assess issues promptly and take appropriate actions for optimal performance.


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