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Healthcare sector in India in 2011 was valued at almost $50 Billion and by 2015 is expected to get doubled. Businesses in Healthcare sector are not vary of spending either and almost 5700 Crore Rupees were pumped into the IT products and services. It is also said that the online market of Healthcare services is currently estimated at $2 Billion by 2015. Increasingly, new tech start-ups are taking the healthcare industry on a new ride with their innovative ideas and their zeal to bring change.We come up with a list of 5 upcoming Healthcare Startups to watch out for:

1) Surgerica:


Surgerica aims to bring ‘speed and transparency’ in the healthcare industry. Founded by Amit Bhagat and Amendra Kumar, it is a platform where a patient and/or his/her family can meet up with the doctors, choose hospitals, get opinions, compare the diagnosis of two physicians and their prices, thus helping them make a well-informed decision regarding the treatment they want to receive. Surgerica aims to wipe out the lack of information and introduce transparency into the market. A one-stop shop for all the needs of a patient indeed.


2) Social Blood:

Social Blood

Using the Social media influence and connectivity with Facebook, Social Blood acts as a Social network that connects blood donors and the recipients of the same blood type/group. Founded by Kartik Naralasetty in 2011, Social Blood, currently has thousands of potential blood donors and recipients. On signing up, Social Blood gathers all the nearest connections using the service thus helping the recipient in dire times. A beautiful and simple-to-use interface forms the outer shell of Social Blood.


3) Portea Medical:


Started by serial entrepreneur K Ganesh, Portea Medical is a venture with his wife that provides low cost subscription base healthcare services to the elderly specifically. Portea has it’s own staff of doctors and trained professionals to provide preventive care and early diagnosis. A great market in India, as over 144 million Indians are above 60, and this could indeed be a boon for the industry.




Launched and initiated by Kunal Sinha in 2008, HealthcareMagic was launched to change the way people approached the healthcare industry. This online portal chat with doctors and physicians over the internet or using their phone with a wide range of specialties included. A team of more than 7000 doctors and quick response to each query which is charged upwards of Rs 600 of which Rs 100 are given to the doctor and the rest is kept by the company. HealthCareMagic has also tied up with various Insurance Companies like Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lomabrd and Reliance General Insurance. People who have signed up for these Insurances can avail the services provided by HealthcareMagic under the charges of the insurance premium.


5) Healthindya


Founded in 2013, by Ashish Dhar, Healthindya was started to bridge and improve the gap between the medical community and the patients by maintaining accurate and timely service to their members. Healthindya basically focuses on Healthcare practice management, Patient health record , their diagnostics and even labs and provide them the facility of live connect with the help of internet as well as phone. Currently operating in only Delhi-NCR region, Healthindya is looking to grow into big cities by adding new tech-savvy people to its team.

Do you know any upcoming health care startups? Let us know in the comments.


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