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In past few years, the way Indian users travel has a changed a lot. There was a time when travel was confined to famous tourist destinations and pilgrimages but with the advancement of technology the landscape is quickly changing.

On the occasion of children’s day, HolidayIQ, an accommodation and tourist’s destinations discovery portal, has revealed some interesting statistics. The portal receives more than 50 lakh user visits a month. The site aggregates about 32,000 Indian hotels and 2000 travel destinations in India.

 Analyzing the onsite activities of such large user base, the startup has made the predicted travel patterns for the winter season, for a period from November 2013 – January 2014.

 Interestingly, instead of weekends, weekdays are favorites of travelers. Wednesday is the preferred day with most holidays planned on it, also holidays planned on Wednesday have 15% higher budget than which done on any other day.

Among other trends, women have 8% higher budget per person per night than compared to those planned by man. Also, couple travelers as a category have showed an increase with accounting almost 50% of the total holidays planned in this winter season.

 According to the company:

  • The average trip budget for a family travelling without children is Rs. 21, 256, and Rs 39,514 for a family travelling with children
  • In case of budget spent per person, there is a 48% rise as compared to last year same time
  • 78% of the holidays planned highlight the increased interest towards beach & hill station

How Indian Plan Holidays with children

The startup founded by Hari Nair in 2005 provides reviews about hotels, destinations and attractions. The portal receives more than 1.5 lakh visitors a day out of which 70% to 75% people are below 34 years of age. Male to female ratio accounts for 65:45 of the total visits. Almost 50% of the traffic is from non-metro towns in India.


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