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Productivity is the key to any successful businesses. If you and your employees are not working to optimum level then tasks are going to be prolonged. Thus, results don’t get delivered as quickly as they should, and you miss out on a big opportunity to maximize your profit.

It is important to be productive in all areas of work, even in those that are not directly profit related. After all, if it takes your employees a long time to do a certain non-profit associated task, then this is time wasted that could have otherwise been focused on generating revenue.

Optimum productivity is achievable thanks to the internet. You can use the web to download different software programs which will aid your company’s productiveness. You will need to have a good internet connection in place first and foremost.

Read on to discover some of the best free software options available today…

Google Web Accelerator

A lot of people do not realize it but a substantial amount of time is wasted whilst waiting for a web page to open. This software ensures you don’t have to wait any longer. Google Web Accelerator makes pages load much quicker than usual and thus it guarantees that productivity is enhanced.

BK ReplaceEM

This software is extremely beneficial for those who have to replace text in several documents. For example, if you have moved to new offices then you are going to have to place the address on all of your documents. With BK ReplaceEm you can change the address on all documents in one go rather than having to go through each and every one individually as you would need to otherwise.


This note-taking application has a lot more to it than meets the eye. Your employees will be able to take notes, save images, and save web pages relevant to projects or tasks they are carrying out. Not only this, but they can be synced into a cloud so that others can access them too. This is great if you operate an environment whereby you have teams working on various projects.


CCleaner is an extremely simple program yet a very effective one. You should run this program on all of the computers at your work place. It will clean all the computers up and will ensure that all the clutter is rid of so that each computer can operate to its optimum level.


Dropbox is great if you have employees who are constantly on the go or travelling is a big part of your business. Dropbox is the equivalent of an invisible USB. It allows people to access files no matter where they are – as long as they have an internet connection.


A lot of businesses nowadays encourage IM (instant messaging) as a way of communicating within the business and with outside sources as well. The great thing about Pidgin is that it combines all accounts into one place. This includes everything from Google Talk to Yahoo messenger.

As mentioned, productivity lies at the core of any successful business. The six software options mentioned in this article are guaranteed to aid productivity and efficiency in your workplace. And remember to have a good internet connection in place too. There are websites online whereby you can compare internet providers; just like the ones available for cable providers too whereby you click to shows cable providers available by area in order to deduce which cable providers offer the best deals for your location.

About the Author

Rose is in charge of arranging appointments for internet and cable TV installation. She recommends using a comparison website like that shows cable providers available by area in order to find the best deals.

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