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Ever noticed that small drop in the number of friends on you Facebook friend list?   Whenever someone removed you off their friend list, Facebook silently does the needful in the background and does not inform you about that. So let’s see  how to know who unfriended you on Facebook.

Facebook Unfriend Finder Installation

Download and install Unfriend Finder script in your browser. The script is plug and play in action, and it will start working as soon as it’s installed. The plugin maintains a local database of all your friends and compared it with the current friend list each time you load Facebook. As simple as that!

If any of your friends have deactivated his account or have been unfriended you, the script will give you the list of all such friends.

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unfriend notification

You can manage the script settings by clicking the unfriend button at the bottom right end of the Facebook page. Open the settings page by clicking the Change Settings button. Here you can take care of all the settings related to the script like what it should track, how it should provide the data, etc. If you want to disable or uninstall the script, you can do the needful from here itself.


Hope this helps! Try it out and let us know if it helps you.

Credit: LostInTechnology


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