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In warehouses as big as Amazon’s or Alibaba’s, sorting, storage and retrieval are all automated by their respective Kiva and Geek+ systems.

But recently, a contender from India has risen to compete for the right to organize the rest of the major warehouses around the world.

GreyOrange, the Gurgaon-based AI assortment system, was founded by Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta in 2011, after they developed  (while still in college) what they believe to be India’s first humanoid robot.

The company provides robotic solutions that help storage facilities work more efficiently by heavily relying on IoT-based technologies.

The company’s offering catalogue includes ‘butlers’, a smart stocking system that removes bottlenecks and helps fulfill orders quicker. The system is fitted with an algorithm that learns a business’s order of operations, and uses mobile storage units, to place products efficiently and save space. The robots are programmed to head automatically to their charging stations at precise intervals, ensuring continuous operations 24/7.

GreyOrange’s main product is called The GreyOrange Linear Sorter, which is an elaborate system “built on the backbone of tried and tested pneumatic arms technology with next-generation of IoT sensors and advanced software, offering unmatched throughputs, package-handling capability and reliability, according to their webpage.

The AI-based storage solution uses a variety of IoT sensors and arms to systematically process all inventory intake. The process starts with an in-feed station where the conveyor belt intelligently spaces out all incoming items, accurately weighs and sorts them uniformly.

Each item’s barcode is scanned and the item is measured for dimensions. Each item is then tracked with an accurate real-time log. Pneumatic sorting arms sort items according to type, destination, or any factor a business chooses.

The company provides a user-friendly monitoring system along with the setup to help track the whole process.

The genius of GreyOrange’s is in its dynamism, fitting any storage facility and desired processing volume, reaching up to 7,200 items per hour.

Grey Orange has already signed a deal with a smart logistics provider in Japan, Ground, for exclusive distribution of their ‘butlers’ and “With offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, the company isn’t content serving India alone. It plans to expand into the Middle East and China this year, and within two years Kohli expects to be exporting warehouse robots to Europe,” reported Kohli to MIT.


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