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We have co-ordinated, read and written about various startups from various parts of the country, this is the first time we have got a startup from Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Its a Multi-Service Startup, providing various kind of services like, Branding & Marketing, Web Designing, Web Hosting, software, Hardware & Networking, IT consuting and etc.

They seem to be very dedicated towards the services they provide, specially Branding & Marketing and stated its designed for managing presens for larger brands as well as building presence for startups which ultimately gives improved visibility.

We’ll jump into a quick conversation and quiz them about InnoFreak and some of its services.

Of the various services you offer, one of them is Corporate Branding and Marketing which is a critical & competitive niche, why choose Innofreak? How would you describe the USP?

Building corporate or starup image is something which is an important part of Branding. We provide all the requisite information to client as well as work with them to establish a good brand. We already have served some startups and corporate, one of which is OnlineQuickShopee.Com.

We have provided all the required systems, platform to do an eCommerce based business. Our USP is our strategies on which we believe. We strictly follow our strategies which are divided into several phases and regularly review the results.

Branding and Marketing for a startup is again a tough task, it’s like building your way up from ground zero, Do have any planned strategies for helping out startups? How beneficial would Innofreak’s Branding and Marketing service be for startups?

Being a startup, we have seen several phases in the last one year. So we always keep all the hurdles in mind and provide solutions to our clients.

The strategies which we follow are:

  1. Creating Brand Objectives – Defining aim and objectives of the startup, analyzing opportunity and threat of the related industry.
  2. Branding Start-up Image – We create and develop all the required things, like Logo Design and Website Design etc.
  3. Marketing – Segmentation of market for the respective industry, promotional activities which includes offline and online marketing.

Innofreak’s Branding and Marketing service would be beneficial for the startups because, all the startups need to reach the world and we serve as a platform for the same.

The other service that you offer is web hosting, which is again a demanding business, you need to be on your toes always, does Innofreak provide 24×7 support service for its web hosting customers? What are the options for customers to get in touch?

We know, web hosting is a demanding business keeping the same thing in mind we started selling web hosting plans. The most important feature of our web hosting service is we can provide customised web hosting plans to our prospective customers according to their requirements.

Yes! We provide 24×7 customer support. This is the only reason by which customer can become your regular client. We provide several options to our client to get in touch with us. Like Phone Support, Chat Support, Onsite Support, and Email Support.

You are offering several services like web designing, hardware & networking, SEO, Marketing, etc. Whats your main forte? Or which service would you like to focus more on?

We’re a consulting concern; we work for all the IT related services as well as Branding and Marketing. We posses expertise on cutting edge technologies such as Java, .Net, Php etc. We would like to focus on Website Design and Development.

Tell us something about the team behind Innofreak?

Innofreak Solutions Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as 4X Infotech Inc. was co-founded by two aspiring entrepreneurs in the year 2012. This enterprise is run by ambitious, dynamic and young professionals having a combined experience of several years in IT industry.

On the first day of July, 2013, 4X Infotech Inc. converted into a private limited Company and named it Innofreak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Saifuddin Danish (Founder & Managing Director) – A Management professional, IT grad having GNIIT (Software Engineering) and several years of work experience in IT and Customer Service Industry. (FB Page:

Md. Asrarul Haque (Co-Founder & Director) – Have MBA degree in Marketing and Finance from Institute of Management Studies, Ranchi University, Ranchi. (FB Page:

The Team:

  • Saifuddin Danish (Branding and Marketing, Web Design and Development)
  • Md. Asrarul Haque (Marketing and SEO)
  • Ranjan Kumar Thakur (Marketing and SEO)
  • Zeeshan Kaif (Marketing)
  • Vivek Kumar Dubey (Marketing)
  • Deepak Kumar (Web Design and Development)
  • Saif Khan (Web Design and Development)
  • Priyanka Kumari (Web Design)
  • Wahab Ansari (Client Support)
  • Md. Moshin (Client Support)
What are your future plans for Innofreak?

We would like to build strong marketing team in the next two months. Because those are guys who brings bread and butter for the Company. As diversification strategy we will work on some project related to Education and eCommerce.





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