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An official announcement through a tweet by Twitter on Monday stated that Twitter has made improvements in the Tweet panel to enhance the experience of sharing tweeting, sending direct messages and to preview images before sharing. An upgraded Tweet panel helps users to share content on their TweetDeck easily and quickly.

Docked Panel

After the upgrade to TweetDeck, the newly available Tweet panel will take up a slot on the left side of the screen as a sidebar and will remain always open. It can also be accessed by replying to a tweet or by selecting the New Tweet option. To access the functionality of the rest of the TweetDeck, the user can still do this by using keyboard shortcuts or by scrolling.


If you are managing multiple accounts in single TweetDeck, you still have the option of choosing the account you want to use to tweet from the panel above. The selected account will be symbolized with a green mark, while the other one diminishes with avatars made larger in size than before to ease up the recognition. A hover over function with the mouse is also added that will be used to get a tooltip corresponding to the username. Some familiar buttons have been kept below the new panel that is discussed below.

Add Image: This button is used for the addition of an image to the tweet that you wish to share.

Schedule Tweet: This button provides a function of scheduling your tweets that you can schedule for the future.

Direct Message: This button can be used to access the direct message feature instead of writing a tweet.

In order to reply to more than one user, a simple click on reply button on each tweet will serve your purpose.

Image previews

A preview of the image that you wish to add to your tweet will be displayed in the upgraded Tweet panel. It will be simpler to remove the image by simply clicking the “x” icon displayed at the top of the image.

Link Shortening

Twitter has added a new feature of shortening the links in tweets that you will be sharing. URLs will be shortened to 22 characters long, while you will be able to see full links for convenience. The length of the link won’t matter as the link will always take up 22 characters of the tweet. The link will be displayed in full to let the user clearly understand where he will be redirected to, while taking up only a limited character space.


Typeahead for hashtags and usernames

On typing a part of the username, TweetDeck initially pulled only those usernames that were accessed by the user recently but after getting the new update, all the matching usernames will be shown up in the search results. They will be arranged with recently accessed usernames at the top and will be followed by not accessed usernames in the form of a list as displayed earlier. Same feature has been added to the search for hashtags, with the new update to the TweetDeck.

The new features added to the upgraded Tweet panel will be made available to users starting from chrome and web versions and then moving on to Mac and Windows apps later on.

About the Author:

Sonika has always been keen to learn various aspects of IT industry. She chose to write articles on various niches including human twitter followers. Her articles are always well researched and informative for the readers.

Image Credit: Niall Kennedy



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