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Mitul Dadhania

Mitul Dadhania

A famous quote by Peter Drucker reads  “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”. Well, this is one of the core beliefs of Mitul Dadhania who is a successful serial entrepreneur.  Having two successful companies ( he does not like it to call it a start up as they both are old now !), Mitul has seen all the weather in his journey.

Mitul is not only very energetic ( one of the very common virtue of successful entrepreneurs ) but also very calm. He started his journey from a well known city of Gujarat – Rajkot. Initially he started with a small outsourced call centre catering to local and international clients .

Having big dreams, he got idea to develop a software which can help individuals and companies maintain their financial information well organised at one place , he entered into software business and created brand called “Invest Plus “.



Invest Plus™ cater the needs of Individuals, who invest in something for him or his family, and Professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Financial Advisors, Doctors, Salaried People, Share Market Investors etc to manage their Personal Finance in a much efficient way.

Mitul started this company in Rajkot and slowly he realized that he should try selling this software in metros like Ahmedabad ,Mumbai etc. Ahmedabad being industrial city and famous for largest amount of stock investors, he choose it  to sell where “Investplus”.

Mitul says “ It is not really easy to start a company and that too in a stage where software was not that popular in India and especially in finance segment”. He had that knack of getting things done and never say die spirit which helped him storm all weather.  He faced lot of issues like having good team and finance ( had to borrow few lakhs from family ) to start invest plus. It was huge risk taken but without risk you cannot grow. After completing a decade in this business he is happy that he took that risk.

What is it that most important thing you should have to be a successful entrepreneur ? Mitul says stick to basics and have very clear objective / or goal in your mind. You must know from where money is going to come and how money will go out .

Startup has become a very fashionable word now a days but Mitul things all things are ok as long as you are making money. Making money ethically by providing excellent product or service is the main thing in business rest all things follow.



Web Chanakya is his second company, and provides Internet marketing services. He saw the need of lot of business men and start ups for a service which can help them grow their business online. Mitul says that he chooses projects very selectively and makes sure they are of great success. “It is not about no. of projects we do, but it is about the quality of work we put in for each project is all that matters for us”, quotes Mitul.

“The journey has just started and has long way to go”, says Mitul  when we ask about what is the next goal for him as entrepreneur.

Mitul has been invited in lots of events in Ahmedabad to share his journey and guide wanna be entrepreneurs on how to deal with hard lessons of entrepreneurship.


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