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The Tech Panda takes a look at recent business launches.

SaaS: New features in Document Management System (DMS) to its platform to enhance user experience

dox2U, a subscription-based SaaS document management system (DMS) has introduced new features to its platform to enhance the user experience. dox2U is democratizing document management at workplaces by creating a single source for all documented information. It is a cloud-based and ready-to-use solution, engineered using some of the best-defined practices in the industry to ensure a high level of information security.

“We have been working rigorously since last year to introduce the advanced features to the platform to make it more user friendly, secure and accessible. We have undergone many changes and upgradations while in the pilot period as we wanted to launch safe and secure features that can be used by organizations of any size,” said Sumeet Goel, Co-founder and CEO, dox2U.

The Why

dox2U is a user-friendly native cloud application that is hosted primarily on Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud. It works on a monthly post-paid subscription on a pay-as-you-go policy, which makes document management affordable and efficient for any company. It is ideally positioned to break silos of information instead of creating another one. The platform intends to bring all the information under one unified repository, making everything available digitally anytime and anywhere.


  • Smart cabinet: Helps find all the documents indexed smartly and locates the right document instantly using predefined dynamic filters
  • Text extraction: Uses Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to convert data locked on paper into workable digital content for the usage of the internal team
  • Deep search: A content-based search that eliminates the need for metadata tagging and retrieves documents within seconds
  • Guest Sharing: Makes it effortless to collaborate with anyone outside the team with a feature to secure and customize their access to information

Climate tech: New severe weather alerts API to notify users of hurricanes, storms, & heatwaves

Ambee, a climate intelligence company that supplies actionable environmental and climate data in real-time, has launched a new API to alert users of severe weather events such as hurricanes, storms, and heatwaves. Ambee’s severe weather alerts API can help users to take precautions, build necessary solutions, and, most of all, prepare for the future.

Chandrashekar D, VP of Engineering, Ambee, said, “Several environmental factors interact to increase the frequency and risk of extreme weather events and poor air quality.” Businesses and organizations need to take steps to help protect communities from the harmful impacts of climate change. At Ambee, we use the power of data science and machine learning to better support scientists in understanding these environmental disasters. We apply Ambee’s proprietary algorithms to monitor these events and offer alerts based on any new anomalies detected. ”

The Why

Hurricanes, heatwaves, wildfires, floods, and other extreme weather conditions cause considerable losses to societies and individuals worldwide. 70% of businesses worldwide experience disruption in operations and finances due to abnormal weather events. It is critical to consider the causes of these events, as well as their relationship to climate change and how various environmental factors interact with one another.

As the intensity and frequency of severe weather disasters increase, we need to track Earth’s climatic changes more closely. With this launch Ambee offers stakeholders the chance to take the next step towards a deeper understanding of the climate.


  • Available in the form of APIs on a real-time basis, at a frequency of once every hour
  • Designed to notify of the likelihood of the occurrence of tornado, hurricane or cyclone, blizzard, dust storm, flood, hail storm, and ice storm

Gaming: New historically derived game Adventures of the Old Testaments

ROKiT Studios announces the launch of their new game Adventures of the Old Testaments in India. This highly innovative game takes its inspiration from the history of the Bible. The fascinating and historically derived game will be simultaneously released for PC, MAC, iOS, and Android on August 31 with free monthly updates for users. Also, the console version will add new dimensions to the thrilling and immersive experience and is slated to launch this November 2022.

Jonathan Kendrick, Founder and Michael Soto, CEO, ROKit Studios, said, “While creating this unique game, the real challenge was to use a combination of animation and game play for converting most read books into a fun, easy-to-understand and engaging medium. The player will experience everything from the creation of the world to Moses fighting their way out of Egypt, David and Goliaths battle to Daniel in the lion’s den.”

The Why

Adventures of the Old Testament captures the essence of the 39 books of the Old Testament through a number of quest-like levels. The game aims to capture the trials, tribulations, and action-packed adventures of the Old Testament.


  • Over 80 episodes of biblical stories and scripture summarized into quick, easy-to-digest animations
  • A full-fledged playable experience with real-time strategy and role-playing game mechanics that puts one in the shoes of some of history’s most famous characters
  • Single player and multiplayer mission modes, as well as an open world game mode

Healthcare: AI-powered platform to help radiologists access & interpret radiology image directly from cloud

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to make sure no radiology image is left unreported for more than 2-3 hours, 5C Network has launched their artificial intelligence-powered platform called Prodigi. This state-of-the-art platform enables teleradiology at a massive scale, and makes it possible for diagnostic centres and hospitals to submit scans and access reports directly on the cloud-based platform.

The Prodigi platform is the core of 5CNetwork’s flagship teleradiology service called Borderless Radiology. Breaking geographical constraints, 5C offers radiologist interpretation of X-ray, CT, MRI, Mammogram, and Nuclear Medicine, sending the scanned images to the most suitable, qualified radiologist for the study.

“With growth and advances in the medical field, radiology has today become a significant aspect of diagnosis. Now there is a huge supply-demand gap of radiologists, and it is technological advancements that help cater to the need, and address the shortage of radiology experts. Harnessing the power of technology, with Prodigi we are trying to ensure that no radiology image is left unattended in the country for longer than 2-3 hours. It also enables accurate and timely diagnosis across several modalities,” said Kalyan Sivasailam, CEO and co-founder of 5C Network.

The Why

Realising the growing dependence on radiology for diagnosis, monitoring, and prognosis, 5C Network believes that Prodigi will go a long way in reducing the burden on radiologists as well as referring doctors.

What is noteworthy is that by this remarkable innovation of Prodigi, 5C Network has brought massive scalability to the hitherto person-dependent teleradiology practice.

With the power of the Prodigi platform, 5C Network is building the country’s largest, organised network of radiologists from different specialisations and expertise. It already boasts of over 400 radiologists who report regularly on the platform, ensuring round-the-clock availability of the service for the clients.

“There is an uneven spread of radiologists across the country with nearly 70% of them based out of 6-7 states and the remaining spread across other parts. Whereas demand is more evenly spread across 500 locations. This has created a supply-demand asymmetry in the field of radiology. As a result, in some places the cost of hiring a radiologist is rather steep, while for others it is the lack of availability of radiologists. The technology that we offer flattens the playing field and substantially neutralizes the asymmetry. We aim to remove the uncertainty element of teleradiology reporting,” added Sivasailam.


  • Compresses radiology scan images losslessly i.e. without compromising on image quality
  • Easy to use and can be accessed using desktop as well as mobile devices
  • Radiologists can report on the platform directly and do annotations on the same
  • Supports speech-to-text function when required in addition to providing standardised report templates that save a lot of time

SaaS: Alternative investments management solution now boasts of an ESG module

Minerva, a SaaS-based solution for management of institutional and alternative investments, now boasts of an ESG module, Equipped AI announced today. The Minerva solution now offers the ability to evaluate prospective portfolio assets across the pillars of environmental, social and governance factors to further enhance the deal-flow management for alternative asset managers.

Atul Arora, Managing Director of Equipped AI said, “Over the last decade, ESG has gone from a nice to have to a must have for investors looking to make an impact through investing. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Minerva’s ESG module, offering asset managers the confidence to walk the talk on sustainability, while ensuring complete control of data and the ensuing analysis.”

The Why

Minerva is used by several of the world’s leading Private Equity (PE), Private Credit and real estate investment firms to monitor and track their portfolio and investment metrics; manage deal flows and pipelines; draw granular credit insights and manage fundraising and investor relations.


Enables asset managers to collect data directly from prospects at the evaluation stage, or engage Equipped AI to help understand the ESG vision of prospective investee. Potential investees can then be compared to ensure they align with the asset manager’s investment philosophy, which can help narrow down the investable universe.

Hospitality: Largest premium co-living residence in India

Zolo, category leader and India’s largest co-living brand launched its flagship property in the luxury segment. Titled Zolo Triloha, the state-of-the-art premium co-living residence, is the largest in India spread across 120,000 sq. ft and situated in the heart of the tech corridor of Bellandur. This iconic building houses an aggregation of Zolo’s insights in having dealt with millennials since its inception.

Dr. Nikhil Sikri, CEO & Co-Founder, Zolo, commented on the launch, “Zolo Triloha is set to change how the real estate market and users view co-living spaces. Amongst the changing work routines and lifestyles, Triloha is built to provide comfort and luxury to its users while taking care of all the everyday tasks one would usually get tangled in. The collaborative spaces spread across the property will encourage community building which is a core part of the values at Zolo.”

The Why

At over 400 rooms of thoughtful configurations to suit working executives of different strata, this is one of the most thought-out community residences if not the best. The luxurious Zolo Triloha is priced at 50% higher than their usual rental offerings.

“The design elements incorporated in every aspect of the building is a demonstration of deep insight that Zolo has gathered over the years dealing with the needs of millennials who crave for different experiences rather than just a piece of real estate to rest after a hard day’s work,” explained Deepak S Varghese, Vice President, Growth, Zolo.


  • Seamless Wi-Fi mesh network
  • A warm arrival experience zone that parallels 5-star hospitality standards
  • Each floor comes with a collaboration zone where like-minded residents can meet to discuss professional matters besides a lounge to relax
  • The roof top comes with a Zen meditation zone and a 7000 sq. ft terrace deck cum café that has a theatre style match viewing zone and a community BBQ
  • State of art gym with the latest equipment and trainers.
  • Mobility Zone that supports transport connectivity
  • E-commerce Zone that provides the convenience to pick up packages when it is convenient to the resident.
  • The rooms are divided into 5 categories – premium suite, premium single, premium double, standard single and twin sharing.
  • In close proximity to prime tech parks, the luxury property will also provide residents with futuristic tech-enabled smart meters, IoT and motion sensing lights collaborative for the new hybrid work ethic

Communication: All-new iPhone app for users to experience 10× better spam, scam & business detection

Truecaller, the world’s leading global communications platform, launched a brand new version of their iPhone app for users around the world. The iOS app has been completely re-written from the ground up to be lighter (smaller app size), more efficient (works faster, even on the older iPhone 6S) but most important of all, it offers 10 times better spam, scam and business call identification compared to previous versions of the app.

“We’ve been innovating within Apple’s platform to bring users more powerful features like Call Alerts, Call Reason, and a convenient search extension,” said Alan Mamedi, Co-founder and CEO of Truecaller. “This update has been a long time coming for many iPhone users, and now we can offer them the best performing identifier of spam and scam to help them separate the noise from the communication they want to respond to.”

The Why

iPhone users have been underserved by CallerID and Spam blockers. Consumers have been clamouring for a solution, and Truecaller has built a better mousetrap.

This change has been brought about by an all-new architecture that can more effectively take advantage of advanced background features in iOS. All-new Truecaller for iPhone has developed the most current, accurate, and complete first ring Caller ID and spam detection for every geography by automatically updating spam information in the background. The app also has a complete design refresh and user experience flow that results in far shorter times for initial onboarding and quicker day-to-day navigation through the app.


  • 10x better Caller ID, 10x better protection against spam and scam
  • Smoother and faster onboarding for new users
  • Enhanced detail view when you search for numbers
  • New premium purchase flow with easier feature comparisons
  • Redesigned search extension (from Phone > Recents > Share Contact)

Hyperautomation: New integrated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering

Newgen Software, a provider of digital transformation platform, NewgenONE, launched its all-new integrated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering. With this best-in-breed RPA capability, Newgen has further strengthened its low code process automation portfolio.

“Newgen’s RPA complements our low-code application development capabilities and will further empower our customers to achieve end-to-end process automation. We have designed our RPA engine to offer task automation for a user with desktop recorder and scripting tools while also integrating with the entire process model so that businesses can optimize processes that take more time. Furthermore, it can integrate with legacy applications where APIs are not available and deploy bots more effectively. It will also solve for intelligent document processing through AI bots to improve customer experience,” said Virender Jeet, CEO Newgen Software.

“With powerful auditing controls and impeccable exception handling capabilities, enterprises will remain compliant to regulations with bots working within the ecosystem. Its highly scalable architecture and bot control orchestration engine supports hundreds of bots that can be coordinated to serve complex business use cases across industries,” Jeet added.

The Why

“RPA has been one of the key enablers of hyperautomation over the last 4 to 5 years, and global enterprises have invested in personal task automation tools in a big way. However, enterprises and analysts have realized that personal/task automation that does not have access to business applications, process models, and work automation can deliver limited results. As a result, nearly all vendors are trying to acquire BPM platforms and force-fit/integrate RPA into them. With our new RPA engine, they can now add “bots” to the process orchestration journey and supplement human agents to accelerate business processes, address real-life problems, and achieve efficiencies like never before. This makes us a unique vendor globally, helping operation workbench to be more effective with their digital co-workers and reduce overall TAT drastically,” said Arvind Jha, Global Product Head, Newgen Software.


  • With in-situ integration, RPA will have access to the whole gamut of decision tables, business rules, process data, and lot more.
  • Enterprises will be able to make legacy apps talk to modern ones directly from the workflow non-invasively through a bot. For e.g., all third-party verifications like sanction and BL/AML checks in the onboarding journey, and claim settlement can be handed over to bots.
  • Document validation and extraction of data from invoices can be accelerated.


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