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Our generation loves eating out often, partying and travelling. These activities are not just a treat but pretty much a part of our lifestyle. That’s also why so many eateries, restaurants, malls, multiplexes have opened up. But with so many options it became even more difficult to decide and narrow down on the activities one would like to do. With so many options, and confusions, what we end up going to our usual ‘addas’.

This prompted an idea, “what if we were able to track the events. activities and happenings at our favourite joints. At the same time what if the platform helped us chose different places depending the location and what deals or events are happening at various places..”

… And was launched. The platform helps people in keeping themselves updated about deals and activities at their favourite place or a place nearby them. The idea was to aid the decision making process.

In short, It’s very user friendly platform, which with the integration of maps, allows the user to spot a restaurant near them [or their favourite’d restaurant] and look up the latest deals or events happening there in real time.

 The journey so far officially launched on the 12th June 2013. They have had more than 1,00,000 visits till date and over 520 business sign ups.

The team still believes that they are in their initial days. They have experimented a lot with the UI as a good user experience is their top priority. It’s always tough balancing clients and users on a platform site like Plobal, but they have got an overwhelming response till now.

 The Plobal team

Plobal has 2 co-founders viz Atul Poharkar and Nilesh Palresha. While Atul looks after the Product and Marketing, Nilesh heads the sales division.

Both of them have a rich background in marketing, sales , product and building a business, having worked with big corporates. Both have them are now running multiple companies alongside They bring their collective experiences to Plobal and complement each other perfectly.

Other features

Consumers can choose what want to do for the evening : In which the user can go to the website, and depending on where they stay/work look up places and activities and plan their evening, since all of these updates by places and brands are in real time.

-Get to know about what is happening at my “Favourite” places: One keeps visiting these outlets often but has no way to figure when and which is the next band playing, or when have they launched a new dish say.

The platform assists the user in making their evening plans which can either be discovering a new place or revisiting their favourite place because of a new event/deal

 Future Plans

The team is looking at social media as a strategy tool to reach out to the target audience since they are in the lifestyle, events space.

They are introducing a tab which enables users to select a place based on the past favorites, but something they are saving for the New Year. Currently the team is focusing on getting people to favorite places on Plobal so we can improve that metric. Share and other features will be added soon depending on the data analysis

The future plans are to build a healthy community of users and launch some exciting interactive features like Ask/Discuss.

 TTP Take

We already have more and honestly, better platforms like Plobal. However, with new and exciting features in the pipeline, has the potential to catch up. We wish Team Plobal a very good luck with their startup!


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