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Yes, We do know there are well established surveying platforms and services available when you think of creating surveys for your brand or organization. But, are they mobile friendly? Do they have an engaging mobile interface, that would make the end user participate in the survey?

The amount of people using their mobile phones to access online services is increasing at a much higher pace day by day, but, survey platforms are still lagging behind when it comes to engaging mobile users.

Pollfish with their unique, mobile user approach model and soothing user interface, tries to solve that problem. It gives the surveyor an opportunity to reach to a much wider audience than by creating a survey only for the desktop and laptop users.

Understanding Pollfish:

Here is a nice video explaining their basic concept:

To understand Pollfish’s  the unique approach and market strategy, we quizzed Mr.  Andreas Vourkos, Co-founder & COO @Pollfish. Here is the excerpt of the chat:

There are established names like SurveyMonkey, which has a very extensive and wide range of audience, to which they survey; how would you point out your USP? How does PollFish benefits clients better?

There are two different approaches that Survey Monkey follows.

With Survey Monkey anyone can create a survey, create a link and share this link that points to the survey through social networks, emails, or even websites. Distribution is hard and it has to be done by the survey creator, and targeting is not an option.

Survey Monkey Audience provides distribution and targeting without the need of sharing links etc. However this service is limited only to specific countries.

None of the above services is providing a mobile friendly approach. Pollfish provides survey distribution as a service by targeting the elusive mobile user constantly on the go with a mobile appealing UI! Pollfish delivers surveys through existing mobile apps, following the successful scalable model of mobile ads, but with surveys, providing this way a global reach!

Clients (survey creators) can get global insights anywhere, anytime, real-time! Clients pay only per completed survey! Mobile developers integrate Pollfish SDK into their apps in order to gain extra revenue. Surveys are rendered through mobile apps as an overlay in an appealing mobile UI to engaged mobile users. Mobile users respond to surveys in order to get into a draw for a prize!

You are providing developers an opportunity to make money as well; How do the developers get paid?

Developers get paid $0.30 for each completed survey through their app. Payments occur on a monthly basis through PayPal (for the moment), with a minimum payment at $30.

As a competing startup, how do you plan to spread the word? What would be your marketing strategy?

The eventual goal for Pollfish is to have an organic growth and attract business to the platform and the DIY survey service. In the next months plan, different conferences attendances are planned along with ad and email campaigns. Partnerships with key players in the field are on the way too. Finally, Pollfish creates and delivers surveys on hot topics and publishes infographics in an effort to create an awareness of Pollfish through inbound marketing. Have a look at Pollfish blog here:

Tell us something about the team behind PollFish and what market research was performed before launching the startup?

We are mobile developers. We felt the need to create a tool for mobile developers to know their users. On the way, we saw that mobile users are a valuable audience for everyone to do market research. So we pivoted in flash to a way larger market.

As mobile developers we faced the mobile monetization problem with low eCMP and low revenue, even in apps with traction. We aim to solve that problem by providing a supplementary source of revenue to developers. We already have paying customers.

Tell us about your content partners, with whom you distribute the surveys. How can one become a content partner?

For the moment, we already worked with well known market research companies such as KAPA Research, Abacus Research and Truberies.

At Pollfish we are welcome to promising partnerships. Anyone should feel free to get in touch with Pollfish team to discuss about possible future partnerships!

Why the name PollFish? And how did it come up?

Our market is surveys, polls, market research, advertising etc. There are million of apps out there, just like fish in the sea, that can potentially integrate Pollfish one day. Pollfish seems a self-explaining perfect match!

What do we think of Pollfish?

Looking from an entrepreneur’s point of view, with the rapid increasing mobile sector, they found the problem that needed to be solved, and hit the spot right with a great work on UX and a pleasantly engaging UI. We think this is the startup to watch out for, focused and on the mark. We’ll surely be keeping an eye on their entrepreneur journey, and might catch them again to get some tips and lessons.


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