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SecureSight Technologies

For a small or medium scale start-up, Security is one of the prime concerns. 60% of SMB’s shut down their business within 6 months of a hacking incident and 90% within 2 years.  Usually, the only security that SME’s indulge in, is Anti-virus  and limited security uses of such organizations raises the need for an effective and economical security mechanism. A Microsoft BizSpark member, SecureSight Technologies founded by Nishant S Vispute and Vaibhav comes to the rescue of Startups & SME with their affordable packages.

Mr. Vaibhav has a vivid experience in core Hacking, Reverse engineering and manual-testing of about 10 years.  Nishant has about 6 years experience in IT/ ITES and Security. He has worked with fortune 50 companies and have been providing consulting to SMB past 2 year.

Story behind the Startup

SMEe’s being exploited on the internet is what triggered Mr. Nishant to form SecureSight Technologies. He formed SecureSight with the motive to help SME’s with security mechanisms at an economical price. 

We often see a lot of comparison between a enterprise level company having armies of Security specialist and how a small company fails to protect themselves just because they lack the kind of budget enterprise can set aside for security. With our solution these comparisons will start to sound like “just another excuses”.

 The startup was launched on October 17, 2013, and had limited post-launch traction. With the introduction of “Packaged service” and “Sliced down services” in January 2014, Nishant says things have changed. The startups is getting inbound local and overseas interest to sell their services, but the team is taking slow as they haven’t raised any funds so far. On how hard it is to make SME’s understand the importance of Information Security – 

Yes it’s hard to convince them, because most of the time they rely on 3rd party vendor’s for various security measure and they have little or no clue as to what security measure the vendor is taking in order to protect the data leakage. Also the awareness level on Security is very low.

Nishant S Vispute.

Nishant S Vispute. SecureSight Technologies

Competition, funding and Marketing

There is a good competition in the security domain. The competition can be divided into 2 categories. 1) The Enterprise with practically unlimited resources. 2) and Independent contractors with bare minimum resource but with a very high potential to influence the local market. Speaking of the USP SecureSight Tech has over other players in the competition, Nishant sums up –

Most of the services and packages that we provide are designed by keeping in mind that our client’s will eventually get a compliance certification, and if they have to start preparing for it from now then how can we keep the cost low. For example, we have Startup-Security package it contains a module on website security, policy documentation among others. The key thing is to focus on technical as well as non technical aspects of the clients.

The startup also provides ‘Pay as you use” services which can work as part of the packages or Stand alone one time implementation. With this being said, once a client subscribes to one of their packages, he does not need to investment anymore in the tools and/or manpower for maintaining the security being implemented, it’s taken care as part of the package.

SecureSight is a self-funded start up. However, it intends to infuse some equity capital to expand on a global level. Equity capital will also be used to execute an in-process project which has the potential to get patented. On the use of various platforms for Marketing, Nishant tells us his experience.

Using social media for marketing hasn’t worked the way we thought. LinkedIn is helping us to reach out to the a more relevant audience than Facebook as we are into B2B space. As for Penetrating in the Startup and SMB market, we are trying to help them realize that the kind of services we offer, are usually in place for an enterprise organization with an equally high $ price.

Challenges faced so far and Future plans

Marketing has been the biggest challenge for SecureSight. It is very difficult to make SME’s realize the importance of Security mechanisms. There is dismal awareness about security among the SME’S.

”A project in pipleline for next Quarter is focused on Security analytics for Defense in depth model. We are currently raising investment for that project which is expected to realize by end of March or April 2014. Also we have till date completed phase 1 of that project which we will roll out in mid of March month.”, says Mr. Nishant.

TTP’s take on SecureSight Technologies

Coming up with Packaged Solutions for Startups and SME is indeed a wise move. Security is one of those aspects which is mostly responded in a reactive manner. It would be beneficial for Nishant & team to increase awareness among the target crowd.  The startup is on the right track, for it’s been accepted into Microsoft BizSpark Program. Having said that, the team has massive work to do @ UI. As it’s the first impression of any potential customer, the team needs to re-work on their UI Strategy to make it more visually appealing. We wish the team best with their fund raising process, and hope to see their Startup Security Package take wings.


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