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For all the city dwellers, the city doesn’t have much of serene greenery, scenic spots and enough space for madcap vagabond adventure stuff, and there’s not always a chance to step out outside the city every weekend to go in quest.

But there’s something to rejuvenate, the malls! no matter what time of day it is, specially if its a weekend, the mall people make sure there’s glitter in every corner of the area they own, the brightness, the aura, the vibes can still throw some interesting bubbles in your face.  And above all window shopping and free entertainment never hit on a pocket, just take the fun, click some insta snaps, and keep moving.

Now, answering a genuine query, I understand that some malls might have some more interesting stuffs to offer than others and there may be some movie which you want to catch and is screened in cinema of a specific mall only or there’s some Man U cafe waiting to be opened up.

Team Cumulations completely understood and visualized the little gap in the fun factor and came out with the right app which gives you the buzz on whats show stopping at your favorite malls across the city.

We got an opportunity to quiz Raghavendra from Team Cumulations and know more about the ShopZy app.

Tell us something about this USP, how did this idea came up?

We shall be providing malls a mobile space to tap its customers, by showcasing every details of the mall that a visitor would love to know. We at Cumulations are the founders of the app Nukkad a SoLoMo app. We are into social interactions and we figured out this gap and was well guided by our mentors in IIM-A iAccelerator.

We read you About page, where you mentioned, shopzy helps the shopping hub owners to understand the pulse of new age shoppers. Do you have any plans or approach to convert window shoppers to real shoppers? If yes, can you share a little bit about it?

There are two things with respect to the above statement. First are the details that we show on our application. Let me take an example of a movie running. A person qwerty goes to a mall and to visit a movie “Wolverine”. He founds out that the tickets are sold out and at this point of time qwerty can open our app check out the mall which is close by and see the movies running in it and can change is route towards this mall. With this the foot falls of malls in general is enhanced. Second is the analytics that we provide to malls.

Why only an android app? why not launch an iOS and android both together which could have proved to be a great boost to your idea?

Our team is specialized on android and hence we started with android and this doesn’t mean that we are sticking only to android. Soon we will be launching on iOs and Windows.

After Ahmedabad and Bangalore, Which is the next city you plan to launch in? And when do you plan to launch in the other major cities?

We are in talks with malls in Mumbai and soon shall start conversations with malls in Chennai too.

How many malls have you tied up with till now? and how many are in the pipeline?

We have tied up with 2 malls in Ahmedabad and 8 malls in Bangalore. 3 malls from Bangalore are in pipeline apart from our conversations in Mumbai.

Tell us something about the team behind ShopZy, and your parent company Cumulations?

Shopzy is an application from Cumulations. Nukkad was the first app flowing from Team Cumulations. We are a team of 5 with 4 in Bangalore and 1 in US.

This is the second app coming from Team Cumulations, first was Nukkad, How has been the entrepreneurial experience till now? And what are your expectations from ShopZy?

We started this journey at the age of 25 with just 3 years of industry experience and bachelors in engineering. The journey so far is exciting. We are constantly learning in this journey of entrepreneurship. We know that there is a lot more to achieve and also we know that the passion in us along with our hard work will help us to conquer it.

Wrt Shopzy we are planning it to be a spoc for all malls in mobile space in India. Reaching out to all cities and on all android apps is what we have aimed for.



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