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Ever heard about a ‘Buspreneur‘? It’s a new term for Entrepreneurs on a bus ride, determined to make a difference. The Startup Bus Tour is here to define this term. This Tour invites Entrepreneurs and Investors from all over the country. Here, ‘Buspreneurs’ will contend to build the next generation of  companies on a 72-hour bus ride. The journey begins on 11th April and will cover Mumbai, Pune and Goa. Sounds really interesting!

How does it work?

If you have a great business idea or run a business which you wish to grow, then gear up for this scintillating Bus ride! On this journey, you can connect with a new generation of Entrepreneurs to renew your ideas and productivity. You can share your ideas and find suitable investors. You can hire great people for your business. Plus, the experience you’ll have will make this ride over-whelming. Everyone, from an Investor to an Entrepreneur, can be a part of this journey!

The Goal behind is to establish a large network of talented entrepreneurs.  Their real vision is to build a sustained network of Entrepreneurs through the journey. Startup bus tour is a familiar concept in US, Africa and Europe. This is the first time it’s happening in India! It is an initiative of Consulting leaders Ltd, founded by Pravash Dey, a serial Entrepreneur. The team soon plans to cover 18 cities in the country. Black and Blue, an Rock and Roll band, will give performances to make this journey an utter delight.

The Team

Left Above: Pravash Dey, Right Above: Gaurav Mishra, Left below: Avish Hakani, Left below: Chirag Dodiya.
Left Above: Pravash Dey, Right Above: Gaurav Mishra, Left below: Avish Hakani, Right below: Chirag Dodiya.

Pravash Dey is the founder and CEO, while  Gaurav handles brand positioning. Chirag is the CTO and Avish Hakani is the Marketing Director of the Startup.

The tickets are priced at Rs. 2000 each and are available at explara until 10th April. Please contact them here for more details.


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