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The acronym SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer, which creates an encrypted connection between the website’s user interface and your business’ server. By creating this encryption, sensitive data can be transferred between browser and server without running the risk of compromise.

By installing a SSL certificate onto your website, you will not only help to verify who you are, but you will also give the customer the added peace of mind which will lead to an increased chance of them using your services. The appearance of the https:// protocol in the URL address bar and the presence of the iconic padlock will be enough to increase their confidence in your business.

Applying through a reputable Certificate Authority is recommended. While they all provide the same kind of thing, choosing one with a good reputation is advised so that you don’t encounter any problems.

With several different types of SSL certificate available, which vary according to what you need them for, you can choose protection to suit your requirements perfectly. From the basic offerings to extended validation and wildcard security, there will be a SSL solution that suits you, your needs and your budget.

Millions of online businesses use SSL technology to secure their websites and increase user confidence. Take a leaf out of their book and consider it for your business, too.

Understanding the basics of SSL certificates can go a long way when you’re a business owner looking to learn a little about online security. When you buy a SSL certificate at Symantec, ideally, you will have a basic grasp of what it all means and why your business would do well to have one. Combine that with CA certificate tips and you can be sure to make an informed decision that is ideal for your business requirements.

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