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We all know that Google’s Android is ruling the world of smart phones today. It is a highly versatile operating system which is also entertaining at the same time. Till date, a reported 700,000 apps are available on Google Play, which is Google’s very own app market. A new user, or even an experienced one for that matter, might get lost looking for the best apps on the market. So, to make your job easy, we have compiles 10 of the best android apps on Google Play in terms of functionality, look and purpose. Here they are:

1. Facebook:

Of course, this one had to be the first one. All people with an internet connection visit this social networking giant at least once in a few days. Facebook allows you to upload and share photos, chat with your friends and put up status messages. In short, it is the most complete social networking site in the world and having it on your phone is highly beneficial.

2. Instagram:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram is one app that supports this statement. With Instagram, you can share moments of your daily life in the form of pictures. Once you click a picture, you can add filters to it to give your picture a more professional look. Instagram can also be used to promote your professional photos and shoots. Instagram, coupled with today’s powerful phone cameras, is the ultimate photo sharing tool for all you camera buffs out there.

3. Snapseed:

For those of you who like uploading photos on social networking sites, there is an app which can help you develop your pictures to their optimum best. Snapseed had a wide range of photo enhancing options which can help you make your pictures look like that of a professional photographer.

4. Pulse:

When you look at a newspaper every morning, you read only a few articles and ignore the others because they don’t concern you. Pulse is one of the few apps which help you create a custom newspaper where all your topics of interests are present. Different areas such as health, beauty, fashion and technology are regularly updated with the latest happenings in the field.

5. Pocket:

We see and hear a lot of things on the internet, especially when we’re on the go. Pocket is an app that allows you to save your pages for later reading. So if you find anything interesting that you can’t read at that moment, pop it in the pocket and you can view it offline.

6. Twitter:

This could very well be the second best social networking platform after Facebook. With a character limitation of 140, Twitter keeps it precise and short. It is often used to relay short strands of information. A lot of brands even use it for marketing purposes.

7. Google Maps:

No smart phone is complete without Google Maps. It allows you to go to new places without hassle. You can even pick your mode of transportation and Google Maps will tell you how to proceed. Furthermore, you can also share your location with your friends on Google Latitude.

8. Dropbox:

Dropbox is your very own online storage app. It is a cross platform app which allows you to share data from your PC or tablet to your smartphone. Once you register, you get 2 GB of free storage space and then you can get more by sharing the app with your friends.

9. Skype:

Got friends and family living abroad? Skype is an IM and video calling app that provides crystal clear voice quality and picture quality. It us totally free and you just need a web connection to start using it.

10. Whatsapp:

How can we forget this one? Whatsapp is the most popular cross platform IM app that only needs a person’s number to register. You can also put up status updates and display pictures on Whatsapp.

About The Author

Peter is an application developer with Google Android and a consultant at Ranking By SEO India. He has developed more than 30 applications covering a variety of topics such as finance, entertainment, etc.  


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