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The tech scene in India is growing at a very high speed, expected to reach 3.8% in FY24, and being the 3rd largest ecosystem for startups in the world, is definitely catching the attention around the world thanks to all the innovative solutions and disruptive approaches, The Tech Panda brings its 2024 list of the top 15 Indian founders.

This group of founders are the perfect example of the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit in India, bringing their drive, dedication, and their constant push to pursue the next groundbreaking idea.

Rab Govil, Naehas

Rab Govil is the founder and CEO of Naehas, a leading company that is focused on providing compliance automation solutions and customer engagement for industries that have a lot of regulations, and is being used by important brands.

Having an MS from Rochester Institute of Technology in Computational Imaging, Rab has an impressive work experience. Apart from being founder and CEO of Naehas, he’s also the charmain of Zenarate, founding board member of AI4ALL, investor and founded Nimblefish Technologies.

Rajat Mishra, Prezent

Rajat Mishra is the founder and CEO of Prezent, an AI-powered enterprise business communication platform. His company facilitates the creation of business presentations via its AI-based platform, which brings together empathy, business and design.

Having an MBA degree in strategic management from Wharton and a BSc degree in computer science from IIT, it’s no surprise that Rajat has also been named to Cisco’s Amazing People, Silicon Valley Business Journal’s “40 under 40”, and more.

Ambarish Gupta, Basis Vectors

Ambarish Gupta is the founder and CEO of  Basis Vectors, a private equity firm that is focused on acquiring and investing in vertical SaaS companies, and ex-founder of Knowlarity, the biggest cloud telephony company in Asia.

With an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and B.Tech from IIT Kanpur, Ambarish has 20 years of experience across the world in business strategy, marketing, technology and organizational effectiveness, having worked in companies such as Microsoft and McKinsey & Company.

Shagun Malhotra, SkyStem

Shagun Malhotra is the founder of SkyStem, a company that provides account reconciliation and financial close applications for enterprises designed to help the accounting teams and professionals.

She is a strong leader, a CPA, CIA and an experience auditor and process consultant. Shagun has a lot of experience in public accounting and has had the opportunity to work in Fortune 100 companies like Marriott and Freddie Mac, focusing primarily on internal controls and risk mitigation.

Anand S, Gramener

Anand S is the co-founder of Gramener, a company that is specialized in data visualization and analytics, helping businesses use data and technology to have more insights and solve problems.

With an MBA from the London Business School and from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Anand is recognized as one of India’s top 10 scientists and as one of the AIM top 20 CEOs of Boutique Data Science Service Providers in 2023.

Imtiaz Mohammady, Nisum

Imtiaz Mohammady is the founder and CEO of  Nisum, a strategic technology consulting and development partner that builds personalized digital solutions that helps the most innovative brands across the world.

Thanks to his extense experience, Imtiaz has transform Nisum from an entrepreneurial venture in 2000s to being now a worldwide digital commerce firm. He has a master in Computer Science from USC and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from UCLA, and has experience in different leadership roles in various retail startups, such as eToys and Patheo, as well as in top-tier entreprises, like Oracle and NCR.

Sashank Purighalla, BOS Framework

Sashank Purighalla founded BOS Framework, a company that brings a cloud enablement platform that is designed to help businesses automate and manage their own cloud environment from a single place, and are focused on simplifying and standardizing cloud provisioning and DevSecOps practices.

Having built over 200 products in several different industries and led large teams for big and small companies across the world, for over 20 year, Sashank has help different startups and enterprises by providing technology solutions.

Arjun Chandar, Industrial ML, Inc.

Arjun Chandar is the founder of Industrial ML, Inc., an award-winning company that develops enterprise software that are designed specifically to solve challenges that are faced in the manufacturing sector, and using machine learning and data analysis they improve factory efficiency and reduce downtime.

He has a Master of Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has a strong background in engineering and data science, having experience in several engineering disciplines such as product design, manufacturing processes and robotics.

Pradyumna (Prady) Gupta, Infinita Lab

Pradyumna Gupta founded Infinita Lab, a company that has the role of a managed marketplace for material testing needs and project consultations, connecting a network of highly specialized testing labs with consultants.

Prady has a Ph.D. in Electronic Materials, Photonics, Optical Circuits, Microelectronics and Silicon optical circuits from Lehigh University and a MBA from INSEAD. Apart from Infinita Lab, he also founded AVOCADO, a groceries marketplace, and has also experience as a Senior Scientist in Corning Incorporated and a researcher in different companies.

Jitesh Shetty, Credibl ESG

Jitesh Shetty co-founded Credibl ESG, an AI-poweres software platform that is helping businesses manage and track data that’s related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

With over 2 decades in the industry, Jitesh is a serial entrepreneur with experience in building software products. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vishnupuri, Nanded. As well as a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Vivek Raghavan, Sarvam AI

Vivek Raghavan is the co-founder of Sarvam AI, a company that build AI tools designed specifically according to the country, India. It includes large language models that can understand all the different indian dialects and a platform that makes it easier for businesses to use GenAI applications.

Vivek has a Ph.D in Electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, which led him to have a key role in Aadhaar, the largest identity program, being involved in the design, implementation and scaleout of the platform.

Ankit Mehta, IdeaForge

Ankit Mehta co-founded IdeaForge , a company that is focused on designing, developing, manufacturing and selling unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), in other words drones. They are the leading manufacturer of drones in India and is also one of the largest around the world in the civil and defense category.

Being named one of the top 35 entrepreneurs under 35 in India, Ankit has a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering, with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. 

Falguni Nayar, Nykaa

Falguni Nayar is the founder of Nykaa, an online beauty store based in India that is focused on selling cosmetics, beauty products and health products from different brands.

She has experience in diverse roles throughout her whole career. She has a MBA from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, and has experience as a management consultant and investment banker, on the other hand, she also had a leadership role in Kotak Mahindra Capital. 

Yashwardhan Burad, AccioJob

Yashwardhan Burad co-founded AccioJob, a company that provides training for aspiring tech professionals and offers recruitment services for companies, acting as a bridge between people that are looking to build their tech careers and companies that are looking for qualifies tech talent.

Yashwardhan has a bachelor of technology in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Started as a consultant, working with clients in the BFSI sector, then founded AccioJob, where he’s focused on providing thousands of students relevant and high quality education.

Deepak Anand, Housr

Deepak Anand is the co-founder of Housr, a company that offers luxury co-living spaces and apartments for rent in India, focused primarily on working professionals and millennials that are looking comfortable, connected and a curated living experience.

Previously, Deepak founded Smartlease, and had a lot of experience in real estate, having had leadership roles in well-known companies such as HSBC and HDFC. He has a post graduate diploma in Sales and Marketing Management from the National Institute of Sales, and a General Management & Leadership from INSEAD.

Kunal Shah, CRED

Kunal Shah founded CRED, a members-only platform in India that is focused on credit card bill payments, and it rewards its users for their financial responsibility, in other words, if they pay on time their bills, they are rewarded.

He previously founded FreeCharge, which was acquired by Snapdeal. Kunal has a BA in philosophy from Wilson College in Mumbai, and started an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai but dropped out, wanting to pursue his entrepreneurial dream.


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