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thrillapp a mobile dating startup that has an Android app by the same name has raised an undisclosed amount in funding from Samir Bangara, a former MD (digital) at The Walt Disney Company in India & currently CEO of; and Rajesh Kamat, CA Media’s Indian operations head, along with a couple of unnamed Singapore-based investors. The funding was completed in May 2013 and will be primarily used for product development and marketing.

The Singapore-incorporated startup was founded by the duo of Josh Israel and Devin Serago in November 2012. Israel has earlier worked at A.M. Best Company and holds a degree in Labor and Employment Relations from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (US). Serago has worked at The Reinvestment Fund and Sebak and Monner Associates, LLC and holds a B.S degree in business administration from Monmouth University (US). The startup also has Prem Kumar, previously CEO of Fly Mobile, on its board as advisor.

About the App:

Thrill is basically a dating app that enables its users to meet new people. However, unlike the regular dating apps / sites, this one puts girls in control, hence the tagline ‘He applies. She decides.’ Essentially how it works is that girls can join Thrill anytime they want, but guys have to apply to join, post which the female users vote guys (up or down) and only the ones with the most positive votes make the cut. Note that the app requires Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (females only) accounts to login, for ensuring safety and quality of users.

“We’re about quality, not quantity. Once a male user is approved (or if you are a female), the app lets you find someone ‘Thrilling’ or ‘Not Thrilling’. If you find someone Thrilling, and they feel the same, the app makes the introductions and the couples can take it forward from there,” said Israel.

The app also defines what it means by thrilling and what is not. Thrilling can be- anyone having a decent amount of friends and interests; a profile picture that is real; inviting female friends and having them vote you up; and being young, considering the company is targeting the age group of 18-25 years with the app, not thrilling can be-  being married, or having a girlfriend; having little to no friends on Facebook; having a photo of a celebrity, or a cartoon character as your profile pic; and being a creep.

For revenues, the startup will look at in-app monetizing- while a few of the matches offered by the app daily will be free of cost, users can unlock even more by paying for them. Other revenue channels could be contextual advertising and paid-promotion of ones profile, among others. The app went live earlier this month and has seen between 100-500 installs till date. Going forward, the company is planning to launch an iOS app (should be out by the end of this month), post that it will also look at tablet-focused apps.

Via: TechCircle



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