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One in five Americans have invested, traded, or used crypto at some point, so it’s not surprising that some companies are developing more enticing offers to keep customers interested. Who wants 2% cashback when there’s crypto on the table?

Crypto payments are quickly integrating into everyday life, with many companies now accepting cryptocurrency payments, from Microsoft to Virgin Galactic. The travel industry ranked first in the top ten crypto-friendly sectors, and it’s easy to see why. With a global audience and no awkward exchange rates, paying for trips with crypto looks like a match made in heaven.   

One company is already revolutionizing the travel industry by unifying the perks of crypto with the joy of traveling and showing their customers that crypto is the best reward of all. Read on to learn about TripCandy’s exciting stance on customer rewards. 

A Contemporary Travel Platform

TripCandy is an online travel booking platform built on the Binance blockchain, where it offers its customers the option to pay with crypto. However, they also provide crypto back to their customers through a reward scheme, which acts as an active investment. 

With TripCandy, customers are gently eased into the crypto world. They reward their customers with their very own crypto ($CANDY) tokens with every purchase, thus alleviating some of the initial obstacles in investing. With no starting capital or upfront costs, TripCandy customers need not worry about the fluctuating market, as their tokens are only worth a percentage of what they have already spent. 

After the pandemic, the travel industry needed an overhaul. The industry had taken a significant hit, and people needed to be reintroduced to the idea of travel. Nevertheless, the travel sector has reacted incredibly fast to the ever-growing desire for crypto payments. Even though the cost of traveling has increased post-pandemic, TripCandy is offering its customers a reward scheme from which they can also profit. 

Gone are the days when you could only earn greater rewards from repeat purchases; TripCandy can offer you tokens that increase in value while you sleep. With a thrilling new age of travel and reward schemes dawning, the creative competition for customers has only just begun.

The Method Behind the Madness 

By blending crypto and travel, TripCandy offers its customers an exciting approach to the reward scheme system. 

When purchasing flights or accommodation through TripCandy, customers are redirected to their famous partner platforms like and Agoda. Then, once a customer makes a booking, a percentage of the total sale returns to them through $CANDY tokens. The customer can then spend their $CANDY when booking future trips. 

TripCandy accomplishes this by purchasing $CANDY tokens from the crypto market and then rewarding these back to its customers when a purchase is made. The more tokens TripCandy purchases, the more market demand there will be, therefore creating a higher token price. 

Increasing the overall worth of $CANDY tokens will consequently increase the value of existing tokens, meaning current customers will have grown their investment without lifting a finger. With every purchase through TripCandy, customers are making investments they can gain from and use to fund their future travel. 

Looking Towards a Bright Future

Since its founding in 2021, the founder, Jeremy Foo, has amassed over $1 million in investment, indicating the great trust and interest he has generated among his backers. Foo’s support is easy to understand as he has clear and focused expansion plans. 

For Entrepreneur, Foo shared a valuable lesson for everyone involved in crypto, from investors to the public, that just like any other industry, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” So, even though the crypto market may still have some growing pains to surpass, its true potential is yet to be reached, meaning there are still many exciting new advances to come. 

Foo is endeavoring to build TripCandy into the all-in-one tourism platform for all your traveler needs. By supplying multiple payment options, including crypto, TripCandy is providing its customers with a user-friendly and flexible interface. 

TripCandy plans to continue increasing the demand and value of their $CANDY tokens by introducing more features to the platform, including purchasing other travel essentials, such as insurance. More services would again ensure a steady ascent in value for the $CANDY token. 

Adjusting to the Future

TripCandy is building an alternative future to booking travel and providing a platform that can accommodate every type of traveler. The union of crypto and travel is looking like a long and happy one – now there are more things to look forward to than just a holiday. Investing in crypto is no longer for the few, as anyone who books through TripCandy can begin their journey and start watching their money work for them. 

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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