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Planning a weekend getaway is a noisy process, you talk to all your ‘n’ number of friends and chat about it and then you surf the web, browse for resorts and look on snapdeal and even after that there’s debates, likes and dislikes, and most of the time you end up either for a movie or a eat out which actually leads to nothing more than additional gossip.

We found tushky, a startup who plans to cut out the noise and bring out the worthy signals. Not letting your weekends just another movie outing or an eat out but some place where you could experience something new.

Tushky, started by Kranti Agarwal, Kunal Sharma and Talvinder Singh is market place where you can find the unheard and lesser known but still amusing activities and stays that you can pick for your weekend.

Tushky being a market place is not only benefits the end user to have a fun and meaningful weekend but also benefits a person who has something amazing to offer.

If you have a home at a scenic location and can arrange for some hospitality you can post it on tushky, it can be an Airbnb of serendipity for you and some person on the other end who wants to be a weekend vagabond. And if there are serene spots or breath taking activities at the location you offered then your client is in a for a treat and you get a happy customer.

Similarly, If you are an operator who offers brisk adventures like, skydiving, paragliding, mountaineering, trekking, kayaking, river rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. Offer the adventure on tushky and let the madcaps and daredevils come to you.

The best thing about tushky is, its not filled with any kinds of deals or advertisements, its a simple platform which has got some very unusual, uncanny and amazing getaways to offer. Soothing UI and UX, No ads, neat and courteous alignment of stays, activites and arts. Clicking on any of the boxes will give you further clear details about it.

Tushky was selected by 500 Startups and has demoed at the 500 startups 6th Batch demo day at Microsoft Campus, Mountain View, California.

With a simple idea in hand these guys can disrupt the legacy travel agencies that give herded monotone tours, tushky in one cool startup to watch out for and if we find a chance we would love to spend our free time with the team behind tushky and learn about their entrepreneur journey.



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