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Student internships are a great way for students to experience work and know the industry. Also, it gives them great exposure and helps them learn the practical aspects of the job. We, at TheTechPanda, want to bring to you today useful websites for Indian students looking for internships. Here we go:

1.   Internshala

internshalaThis is one of the best resources for Indian students looking for internships. Apart from lot of intern opportunities, the key things that differentiate this website from others are Internshala EDGE which is a review of your CV, and Internconnect, which will help interns to find interns in their company or city.

2. Twenty19

twenty19A very popular wesbite for students searching for Internships.  Along with internships, this site features Events happening around the country. Other very useful feature is Courses, where students can buy courses and learn online. Currently, the site features Java, Andriod and Professional Email writing courses.

3. Letmeknow





This website features all kinds of jobs, ranging from part-time, freelancer to full time. A very useful feature of this website is Deadlines section, which shows all the jobs/opportunities ending on a given day. So, if you want to know things very fast, this is the page to visit.

4. Youth4work

youth4workAlthough the site is still in beta, it has enough content to attract students all over India.  It has a section called Colleges , which lists the college details, and any study material the students upload.  Companies can post projects and let youth submit their work. The best submission wins the work.

If you want a bit more cash, why not try entering the student competitions going on around the world?

5. Studentcompetitions

This is an awesome website, which features all the competitions going on around the world. The competitions can be searched by variety of filters. A very useful feature of this website is the Awards CV, which collects all your competition results at one place making the student a well-deserving intern or employee.

If you know any other websites useful for Indian student internships, do let us know in the comments.


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