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Covering varied range of startups makes us realize that the world still has gaps that need to be filled up and that there are geeks, nerds, innovators and samaritans that push their limits to make things better one step at a time.

We love talking to hacker minded entrepreneurs and get to know their views, their perceptions and the stories, of taking things the other way around and still making a success.

In summer of 2009, two college students, Vipin Sahu and Vinay Yadav, PHP lovers, having no industry experience, took the first step on the road to entrepreneurship and started WebKul.

What is WebKul?

WebKul is a bootstrapped company and a big believer of hacker culture which is deeply followed by all the coders in the crew, they create apps and modules for Open Source platforms like:

  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • OpenERP

They have earned an recognition for being the best market place app sellers Magento E-commerce Platform Community worldwide.

The most beautiful thing about having hacker culture in work space is it brings out some serious innovations from the crafty inventive minds, and this is what led Webkul to become the only development company that creates ERP bridges, a small application that acts like a bridge connecting e-commerce platforms to the ERP Systems, and they have been creating bridges to e-commerce platforms like:

  • VirueMart
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
Taking things to the Next Level.

Got rated as the top app developers in the Joomla Community across the globe.

Joomla Extension – Twitter Display

Joomla Extension – Facebook Wall Feeds Display

Their modules are being used y more than 10,000 customers across the world which include some of hottest startups: – Startup BattleField TechCrunch Disrupt – Founded by Youtube Founder Chad Hurley

A Perception.

Talking to Vipin, we caught hold of a few perceptive lines which hold the entrpreneurial inspiration.

As you can see now a days people are getting VC funding and then they start the company but still there is an option that you dont need money from a VC and you can start the venture from yourself using bootstrapped method.

As we have strong feeling that people get smarter by practice. Either its money making or product development and we are in business from last 4 years so we knew it very well.

The Team behind.

A team of 25 Engineers Working range of open source Products ranging from MVC ORM systems to Web Sockets and memcache.

webkul team

Team Webkul

This team of innovators which takes on challenges to make everyday life easy for the open source geeks and coders has seen it all and holds a monarchy potential to disrupt, push the limits and capture new boundaries. We might catch them again to learn more about their entrepreneur journey and prolific breakthroughs.




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