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I always had a penchant for change. And that is precisely what Nokia’s new Lumia series of Smartphone brings to the table.

First things first, the software is the soul of a well-engineered product, and that is where Windows Phone 8 delivers. The Windows Phone 8 brings with it a breath of fresh air. This sort of refreshment was much indeed in this highly competitive (partly clichéd) market engrossed in a battle of the Operating Systems for supremacy. With regards to both the iOS and Android, Windows Phone 8 brings forth a more intuitive, personal and all the more lively experience.


With its live tiles, flicks and fluid interface, the Windows Phone 8 feels suave and classy. This is in stark contrast to both iOS and Android, in which the icons are pretty much lifeless. Needless to say they offer no personal experience on the outset, just by throwing a quick glance on the screen and its icons. Lumia 920 is an impact phone, which strikes a chord with you on the first go. To go with that Windows Phone 8 has already got performance improvements and many more features are veiled which Microsoft is raring to show off in the coming days.

The Lumia 920 packs a punch on almost all aspects on which a Smartphone is assessed. Its got the looks with all the bright colors in its repertoire which makes you ogle at. Truly Nokia has ushered into an Era where colors speak a language of their own. The never before use of colors like the Bright Yellow or the Lipstick Red will make people take notice. It is from this word to mouth buzz, from which Nokia would benefit immensely.

I have always been a display-centric guy. It’s the screen through which you interact with a phone and in this aspect the 4.5 inch TrueMotion HD+ is a innovative step forward. The display on Lumia 920 will mesmerize your visual senses a great deal. A great note of interest here is that it beats the iPhone’s Retina Display when it comes to the packaging of pixels. It stands at 332 ppi in contrast to iPhone’s 326 ppi, which results in sharper text and more natural saturated colors. Nokia has a sound footing when it comes to ClearBlack displays and this takes it a step further. TrueMotion HD + causes fast and smooth pixel translation without causing any blur. It also adjusts it brightness according to the sunlight glare for a comfortable outdoor usage, which is a common malfunction among other devices. The super-sensitive touch screen allows you can use the touch screen even with your gloves on or with your car keys, which is definitely a plus for people near the poles.

The PureView camera is  certainly the best camera on a Smartphone yet ( keeping out PureView 808 ). Firstly it was delightful to see the PureView technology break its shackles and come out of the Nokia 808. We can all see where Nokia is heading with its PureView camera technology and it’s pretty much exciting. In our daily life, taking multiples shots due to the blurriness induced by the shake of a hand is really irritating. The Lumia 920 does a phenomenal job by plugging the cord here with its floating lens technology with springs attached to the whole optical set-up, which adjusts to the motion of the hand. Nokia calls it OIS, Optical Image Stabilization. Also F/2.0 aperture size will let in far more amount of light to the backside illuminated camera for a perfect shot even in low lighting, an issue not addressed by others. Along with it some great first-party lenses apps lets you do more with the amazing camera like Smart- Shoot and Cinemagraph.

The wireless charging is a way forward for the phones of the future, as we look for life beyond wires. This comes in handy just when our life was tangled like the wires. I hope it will go a long way in ensuring convenience, as you can take a quick call without having to worry about the charging cord.


To top if off with Nokia suite of mapping solutions is the best thing that can happen to Lumia 920. Nokia has set an industry standard with its Navtec Mapping technology which goes into Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps apps which support offline feature with turn by turn navigation, daily commute and local traffic reports. City Lens, the augmented reality app by Nokia has also vouched for attention, and it seems to be a really cool feature that customers would love.

Talking about music, Nokia Music is free to all Lumia users which supports Mix Radio feature which is already very popular worldwide. So this pretty much sums up why I want to #switchtoLumia 920. Change is necessary! This is Lumia 🙂

Nokia Lumia 920 specs


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