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A lot of companies, especially the big brands carry out fitness programs to keep their employees healthy, but how many employees really participate? And out of those participants, how many really complete the programs and achieve proper physical fitness? What the employees fail to understand is that, its not only a loss to the organization, but in this era of desk jobs filled with stress, its a loss of opportunity to keep in good health and stay fit.

This is where zoojoo.BE steps in. With their years of experience and analysis, this startup plans to bring in a unique approach to help companies make their employees healthier, what they call as workplace wellness.

We had an opportunity to quiz Avinash Saurabh, Co-Founder at zoojoo.BE to understand the service and their mission.

How did you guys come up with the idea of workplace wellness? Tell us something about your USP.

We saw a huge gap between the intent with which workplace wellness is implemented and the final result that it delivers. During my work years at Bosch and later at Continental Automotive, I realized that although HR’s are working relentlessly to offer the best wellness benefits to their employees, the programs are rarely a success because of ultra low employee engagement. Barely 3 – 5 % of employees ever engage with these initiatives.  This is where the idea germinated.

We have created a solution that is aimed at increasing employee’s engagement with wellness through fun and collaboration. The platform uses analytics, behavior modeling and game mechanics to engage employees. We deliver engagement; Wellness follows.

What kind of programs are being offered?

We have a web and mobile based wellness platform and do not run any onsite programs. We believe that people do not need any more of gyms, Health risk assessment programs, Yoga instructors or a dietary consultant; there are plenty of them already out there. The problem is that people don’t use them. What they need is a way through which they can get there i.e feel motivated to use them. We are providing that missing link.

How would you measure the employee engagement?

The platform is designed around a game structure where users get points for completing various health challenges and other fun activities on the platform. We provide companies a track panel where they can monitor and get real time data on how employees are engaged. Now this is truly path breaking because till now there was no way to measure this factual data.

For example if a company organizes a Yoga session for their employees then all they can measure is how many people have attended the session. This data can give a false impression of the success of the program because the actual data point to be measured should be how many people started doing yoga after the session. We can provide that data.

zoojoo.BE doesn’t seem to be much active on social media or networks, how do you plan to spread the word?

Most of our promotional activities are designed to run internally within the participating companies because that is where our users are. Also since we are an enterprise solution hence the user is not the buyer. Our target for this year is achieving referenceability and not revenue. We want to make our customers the happiest customers on this planet!

Tell us something about the technology behind zoojoo.BE, and how do you plan to use analytics for targeting growth?

zoojoo.BE is driven by advance health analytics algorithms as well as behavior modeling techniques. The platform adapts to different user needs and behavior to give a tailored solution.

Since we intend to deliver engagement, user data analytics is also an integral part of our solution architecture. We use analytics to understand user behavior on the platform and optimize the solution accordingly.

Who are the people behind zoojoo.BE?

The founding team at zoojoo.BE came together to enable users to amplify their ability to achieve wellness. The team has since then grown to 7 and it’s listed below:

  1. Avinash Saurabh – Co-Founder
  2. Anandraj – Co-Founder
  3. Moovendan – The Code Panda
  4. Aksha Rathod – Code Guru
  5. Siva Sankar – UI Specialist
  6. Varun – Bug detective
  7. Gnanam – Mobility Master

Why the name zoojoo.BE? And how did it come up?

Because Rajnikanth says so! After defeating the bad guys in a fight Rajnikanth used to say “jujube”, implying how easy it was for him to win the fight. We want to say the same when we defeat our bad guy – Bad health.

What do we think of zoojoo.Be?

From an entrepreneur’s point of view, I completely understand Avinash’s point when stated, “Barely 3 – 5 % of employees ever engage”; I have observed that even though employees do want to hit the gym and get in shape, what’s troubling is what’s stopping them from doing so. Do they feel shy? Lack of motivation? Or, is it something else? With zoojoo.BE is trying to solve this issue, I am excited to see where they take this in the near future.

If you care for your employees, who are indeed the real assets of your company, and want to provide them with an opportunity to get in shape and stay healthy, do get in touch with Avinash.




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