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Zurepro Panicking is not always the best option when you run out of 1-year warranty and your cell phone is bugged by a software problem. Probably you should pay around 2-3k bucks for the same thing that can be covered for free with less than half of the price when inside warranty period. ZurePro brings you a certified warranty for your all those cell phone and tablet users where warranty is just a click away! The long queue outside the service center and taking a day off from work especially to go to service center…isnt this annoying? Moreover, waiting for 3-4 weeks to get the repaired gadget which was in the warranty period back in hand. Every individual must have gone through such kind of situation once in a lifetime.

In today’s time when there are more than 100 million internet users in India why not come out with a service which would eradicate such hassles and give them a convenient option to get their warranty claimed easily just through one click?  To give such kind of services, ZurePro has come out with full online claim process, 7 days repair guarantee and free pick and drop in 4000 serviceable pin codes for not only for online users but also people who want to buy the warranty offline. Zurepro have started their offline services from 1st November 2013 and the online service is almost ready and will begin from the end of this month.

How does ZurePro work?

ZurePro is structured in a very user-friendly and convenient way. To avail ZurePro warranty, the consumer will have to buy the warranty pack from the website. ZurePro provides extended warranty plans for mobiles and tablets. The length of the coverage may vary from certain years of plan, depending on the condition of the product. Company has already tied up with number of authorized service centers in multiple cities to repair the product. The claim can be only filed once the manufacturer’s warranty comes to an end. However, the entire claim service will be on first hand products. The entire process of claiming warranty for the gadget is hassle free. The Process includes:

  • Selecting the warranty that choosing the brand, mode, item condition and purchase date.
  • Getting the price
  • Buying the warranty
  • Filing a claim in the warranty period

The ZurePro back bone

ZP Prakhar Saxena (Co-Founder & CEO)

B.E in Comp Sc. from University of Rajasthan) (Born and brought up in Satna, Madhya Pradesh) is a first level entrepreneur. However he has venture experiences of starting a dance academy to advertising consultation to small businesses.

Mausumi Chakravorty (Co-Founder & CMO)

B.Sc. from University of Raj. and MA Economics from SNDT Mumbai) (Born and brought up in Jaipur and a St. Xavier’s School Alumni) has an year around experience in software analytics with an UK based eCommerce company and prior to that had internship and training experiences with TCS.

3 sided coin – Binding the trust, Indians and Gadgets

The service of online extended warranty on electronic product in India hasn’t seen rays of success yet. However, the products and services offered by online websites in India are making online portals a more reliable source. Be it a Smartphone or an iPad, every gadget comes with limited period of warranty. But due to uncertainty with the product like mechanical failures or technical problem, the customer has to part with hefty amount to make it work again smoothly. This, however, is the most time consuming and money waste process. To bring a solution for these commonly faced issues, ZurePro offers excellent policies using which gadget warranty can be raised for more years. ZurePro believes that this revolutionary initiative will provide extended warranty solutions to India’s growing consumer market and will make them aware about its benefits for long term work of product in top class condition. Though there are already few online extended warranty service providers offering certain services and policies, ZurePro have more to offer through their service kit which can be availed online through website as well as offline through popular third party retail stores.

We can guarantee that using our services,

the online warranty market will

surely witness a rising graph.

Stumbling blocks till now – the concept, the stake holder, the dealers

“In a business one of the most major challenges is to establish it from the scratch. Initiating a concept and getting to know the industry is a challenge itself. Also a major challenge in our business was the logistics and unorganized repairing centers. Since we provide the pickup and drop service for our customers, we need to have an organized reverse logistic solution across the country which initially came as a challenge but now we have a well developed logistic partners like FedEx and Gati. Moreover, the repairing centers in India which is a highly unorganized, inflated and not stream lined industry, it was a difficult task to manage such scattered service centers. By facing such sort of difficulties in the establishment our team has learnt and developed various problem solving techniques, handling pressures and working best under it, meeting the deadlines and making quick decisions. These are few things which we get to learn only when we come across such big and unmanageable challenges.

It’s a complicated task to deal with such variety of people and trust me it has not been a cake walk. Starting from the repairmen to approaching the owner of an electronics company we have dealt with different classes of people having mixed responses and outlook towards extended warranty. Firstly it was a difficult job to explain and convince them the overall concept of extended warranties which in fact was a challenge initially. Now we have trained our marketing personnel in accordance with dealing such variable people.”, says Mausumi.

Here is our little secret:

There are many ways of marketing an eCommerce website through digital media, social media, Ad Words, emails etc. These are the tools which we are using for online promotions and marketing. For offline marketing we have to promote our brand only to the target audience who buy phones and tablets, for which we have our marketing and sales executives, adding to it giving some extra benefits like freebies and discount coupons which will help us to attract more customers. Till now, the company has been bootstrapped by the founders. We have reached the point of sale and have plans of raising the first round of VC funding.

Future Plans

“Currently, we are awarding extended warranty on phones and tablets, in future we will cover other electronics like laptops, mp3/iPods, gaming consoles as well. Also we will come up with different kind of warranty packs, now we are giving 1 year extended warranty i.e. 13 months-24 months of the product (mobile/tablet).”


TTP’s take on ZurePro

Thriving on smartphones has become a trend now a days, not even in India but all over the world. The issue of warranty is a real one, and providing extended warranty will give peace of mind to the owners of costly smartphones. As the founders point out, the market is totally un-organized and co-ordinating with plethora of stakeholders to maintain the 7-day promise would be lot of task to do. Building Credibility with consumers will be one of the important factors for ZurePro’s success.


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