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Mobile applications have grabbed the contemporary market scenario at the very high rate across the globe and it is also approaching the millions of users in a very unique manner. So, once you are done with creating an app and have monetized it, you can get your app noticed and can download it within the fully-equipped app ecosystem. Once you are done with the traction, monetizing the app can become a bit simpler.


Thinking about and app and developing it can be a bit tricky, not only for users who are looking forward for the interesting apps, but also among the developers who want the exposure for their developed apps. If you are feeling unlucky to have Google or Apple feature within your app and you are not having a limited marketing budget, then we can offer you some cool ideas.

Amazing App Marketing Strategies:

Host App Discovery Programs:

It is a great option to get engaged in an app discovery program. For those who have never heard of such a program which is also referred as app recommendation; it is the best way where all the content publishers recommend their latest apps directly to the users for download which is based on the content. Publishers acquire a commission each time the app is downloaded. Usually, developers or owners get thorough with the app and the user keep on enjoying the app. So, it can be called as the win-win situation.

Track the Endorsements:

As per the availability of your budget, a celebrity endorsement can be employed for marketing your app. For the prices, celebrities can send out the tweets. This can also go along the long way to see you app on the map. However, this is one of the things that can aid you in making good money. Stars can also pay the huge bucks; this can be $10,000 and even much more that will aid you in adding about $71 per character. If you will proceed in the similar direction, just ensure that the celebrity you are calling is having a good audience who can download the app at the high rate.

Launch marketing smartly:

The good news is for all the hard-workers and bootstrapped developers that the success of the marketing plan is not associated with the amount of marketing dollars within the pocket. However, it clearly depends on the meticulous thought, follow-through and effort made for promoting the app in an organic manner.

Name your app carefully:

While you are choosing a name for your app, it is highly recommended by the App Store Optimization (ASO) specialists to suggest specific word so that your app can reflect its functionality. It is the best option to choose the shortest names as they are highly detrimental.

Get Socially Active:

You really need to tell at the rooftops, if your webpage has attained heights. Do not take it so serious; just get active on social media websites. In case, you are really willing to generate some awareness for a particular app, just start sharing it on the entire major social networking websites. Some of you will not going to believe it, but there are some people who are always interested in giving a chance to the new apps which can really make their lie interesting and easy. If you have super charged your social media account, just setup the ads on all the social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and other to spread your message worldwide.

The finish line:


Planning and creating an app is equal to half the battle. Presenting it in front of whole market is another half battle. Consuming effort and time is the better option in order to understand the customer level and the competition and this can be further proceeded with the designing the product and marketing it. This will go to the long way especially towards the success that you have thought. Happy Mobile App Marketing!!

Author Bio:

Lucie Kruger is a tech savvy writer who works for a leading Android Development Agency. You can also contact her, if you are looking forward to Hire Android Developers.


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