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Why healthtech has been noticed in the last few years is because the field is constantly endeavouring to bring patients closer to healthcare services, removing the barriers of distance, time, and overwhelming data. Mostly, that means no more hospital queues. Now, MphRx, a healthtech company headquartered in New York, has announced that Columbia Asia Hospitals, a chain of 28 hospitals across India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, has launched their Patient Engagement Application Suite, with patient facing applications available on the Web, Android, and Apple devices.

Powered by MphRx’s FHIR-based digital health platform – Minerva, the integrated patient engagement applications provide an aggregated view of patients’ health data across the network’s hospitals and enables online booking of healthcare services and physician appointments.

How can AI help healthcare in India?

Columbia Asia Hospitals had created a strategic direction to rollout an integrated patient engagement platform across its growing network of hospitals to provide its consumers with an improved digital health experience. The Minerva platform provides a unified and scalable infrastructure to expand their digital services with a seamless user experience across all digital touchpoints.

“Minerva’s industry standard open platform approach enabled us to execute our digital patient engagement strategy,” says Deen Sulbigar Ali Ahamed (Zulfi), Group Head of IT, Columbia Asia Group of Hospitals. “Minerva is a unified platform that allows patients to book and manage appointments through any channel of their choice whether it’s website, mobile app or even by making a call to customer care. Patients can avoid hospital queues by registering online and paying for consultation and services through the app. Further, patients get notified when their reports are ready and they can easily view the lab results and download reports from anywhere. We are excited to roll out this solution, and look forward to giving our patients a simplified and seamless experience”.

“We feel extremely proud and honored to be chosen as the technology partner for Columbia Asia Hospitals in their digital transformation journey, providing health applications to improve patient engagement and drive clinical excellence,” quotes Mahesh Uberoi, President, and CEO of MphRx. “This implementation was particularly complex with its multi-national requirements and we are proud to have deployed our product at this scale. It’s a one-of-a-kind deployment, where a health system has deployed a single digital platform across multiple countries that they operate in. With Minerva as the underlying platform, Columbia Asia Hospitals can easily scale up their IT infrastructure to support the broadening patient base and deliver a seamless user experience at the point of care across all its facilities.”

The suite allows them to provide a single point-of-care solution on both web and mobile. The underlying Minerva platform integrates clinical and non-clinical data across disparate health IT systems and facilities to provide a 360-degree view of patient data accessible instantly from anywhere and on any device. The applications allow patients to book and manage appointments, access all their lab results and radiology reports instantly, and get medication alerts and reminders.

“There is a true digital field in India that is transforming the health ecosystem”: Docprime CEO

Also, the Minerva Customer Care application provides marketing and helpdesk tools that enable the Columbia Asia Customer Care department to manage on-boarding of patients, book and manage appointments on the behalf of patients, and set up and manage appointment slots for all physicians.

The physicians at Columbia Asia Hospitals, via the Minerva physician application, will get instant access to aggregated medical records, order laboratory and radiology services for patients, add and edit progress notes, and view and edit discharge summaries of any in-patient episode.

MphRx, Inc. is a rapidly growing healthtech company headquartered in New York, with offices in Princeton, London, Singapore and New Delhi. MphRx has built Minerva, a digital health platform with deep interoperability at its core. The platform has been deployed in over 20 countries with health systems leveraging its capabilities to drive their interoperability and digital health initiatives for over 80 million patients.

Columbia Asia is an international private healthcare company founded in 1996 by an American entrepreneur, Daniel Baty. It is owned by an investment fund, International Columbia US, LLC (ICU). In 2016, Mitsui & Co., a Japanese conglomerate with deep operating experience in Asia joined as a shareholder in ICU. Currently one of the largest and fastest growing hospital groups in Asia, it currently has 12 hospitals in Malaysia, 11 in India, 2 in Vietnam, and 3 in Indonesia.

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