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India´s popular trading platform BitBns has partnered with Paxful, a global crypto trading platform where one can deposit with millions of users using 300+ payment methods using their P2P method.

Paxful is popular in the cryptocurrency space and has had extensive coverage in many famous magazines, while BitBns is one of the largest Indian cryptocurrency exchanges. With this partnership, BitBns wants to launch their services globally.

As the leading P2P cryptocurrency marketplace where buyers and sellers are connected for business, the resource is working well in countries like the US, UK, China, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, Russia or just about anywhere else in the world.

The proposed partnership aims to help people from the supported countries by introducing the FIAT deposit feature, where one can buy cryptocurrency in exchange for the fiat the person deposits at BitBns.

Prashant Singh, Founder and CTO at BitBns said in a statement, “The partnership with Paxful is a major milestone for adoption of digital assets and is going to benefit users who are looking to access digital assets. BitBns also has innovative products like, which is a bitcoin SIP where Paxful integration would empower users to financially save into bitcoin with the powerful and simple DCA method across 200 countries in the world.”

“Bitbns also has simple saving products called FIP where users can earn interest on top of crypto like bitcoin and USDT upto 25% and Paxful integration would enable passive investors to grow their crypto via this,” he added.

The alliance can become a success as both BitBns and Paxful share the goal of giving the working people a simple, fair and secure way of trading.


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