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Search engine major Google has started an online resource facility to help people affected by the devastating floods in parts of Uttarakhand.

‘Google crisis response’ is prominently displayed on the home page of the search engine via the link ‘resources’ and provides up-to-date information on rescue and relief operations including details of statewise control rooms, shelters and medical centers among others.

One can also get details of those rescued, cleared rescue zones and people stranded. In addition, details of mobile access locations, road information and locations of donation boxes are also made available on the page.

Google has also started a unique facilityperson finder to get or give details of a stranded person. “You can request status via SMS by sending an SMS to 9 77 33 00 000 with the message Search person-name,” according to the information posted on the page.

So far the application is tracking 19,300 records, it said.

The Google crisis centre also features news related to Uttarakhand floods in a separate window on its home page.

“Widespread flood damage continues to ravage Uttarakhand, India. This page contains a short summary of resources relating to relief and rescue efforts in the region,” the message on the home page reads.

Via: TOI

Photo Source: Andrès Molièr



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