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An Indian company tackles the country’s energy-consumption issue by installing IoT chips in different appliances and machines to monitor and control energy use, also enabling total control over the machinery’s operations.

India is the world’s 3rd largest generator of energy, but also the fourth largest consumer.

With 65% reliance on thermal power plants for generation, the country is looking for innovative solutions everyday to minimize its consumption.

Rahul Bhalla, CEO at Zenatix

Zenatix, a company co-founded and run by Rahul Bhalla in 2013 is IoT-driven energy efficiency uses energy data intelligence to reduce energy consumption by commercial consumers by 10-20%.

The way it works

The company installs WattMan, a device that contains sensors and control modules into their client’s equipment, then uses machine learning to monitor consumption patterns and optimize the flow of electricity into the equipment without making any changes to the infrastructure.

Addressing the national electricity per capita reaching 1,075 KWh, the company that boasts its efforts of saving 2,700 MWh and 22.34 million Rs. for companies across the country, specifically retailers and banks.

Zenatix’s clientel includes high-profile companies like State Bank of India, Vodafone and Domino’s Pizza.

“Zenatix product helped us in many ways – identifying and eliminating unintended wasteful operations, ensuring the health of the BMS system and proactively identifying the areas that need our attention thus allowing our employees a more comfortable environment” reported Manish Gupta, VP and Director, Xerox Research Center India in a testimonial on the company’s homepage.

“Their SaaS based engagement model is easy to adopt and doesn’t involve any capital expenditure. The savings and value generated by their solution easily offset their subscription fee,” he added.

Along with the government’s efforts to reduce the country’s footprints, for example dropping the thermal power plants production to its lowest level ever at 57%, Zenatix has been playing its role by reducing national carbon footprint by over 2,670 tonnes.



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