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smart phone, app, marketing

The virtual app marketplace is steeped with countless of tools that are designed to simplify the live of smartphone users, and offer those unique and entertaining experiences we all cherish on our own. The sad thing is that most smartphone users tend to stick to the apps that they already know and trust, so it can be very difficult for a new and upcoming app to be noticed, or for an app developer to make himself heard. I have often discussed about useful apps with incredible functions like time and file management, maps, scheduling and many other. Today I would like to give a few tricks to talented app developers.

Most app developers are very good at what they do, but in most cases they have no idea how to market their goods. Nevertheless, good marketing can go a long way, and if you use the tips below you will definitely be successful on the app store. First of all, let’s take a look at the three elements that determine an app’s exposure in the marketplace:

Reviews: are vital aspects to consider when trying to market an app. Most people read reviews, and if they are positive they will be more likely to hit the download button. A great way of addressing the issue of reviews is to employ the guest posting service of an experienced company or entrepreneur. This will ensure that your app is consistently being promoted through different mediums on the World Wide Web.

ASO: It seems that even apps require search engine optimization. In order to increase the visibility of your nifty tool you will have to somehow manipulate the way that it is displayed in search engines. I recommend that you create a page where you describe it, maybe even add a catchy title and present a few features. Also make use of keywords in order to rank better.

Downloads: What would you rather use: an app with 10 downloads, or one with 10.000? This figure will determine the chances of having your app downloaded by other users, so make sure it is high!

1. Social Media Marketing for Apps

If you are determined to market your app, but you do not have a budget to do so, you should definitely make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. There are numerous networks where tech enthusiasts talk about their passions, inventions and expertise. Try to become part of such communities in order to attract potential clients. You can even talk about your app while it is still in the making. Furthermore, social media, as most people know, is a two-way street. Don’t expect users to be interested in what you have to say as long as you won’t even reply to their comments or like them back.

Don’t be shy with social buttons, because they can greatly increase the chances of gaining more followers. The most important criteria before marketing your app is if you believe that it is in any way useful or interesting for a potential client. If you want to speed things up you can always use sponsored posts on Facebook or Promoted Tweets on Twitter. This way you will be able to accurately target your audience and obtain the best conversion rates.

2. Use Forums and Write Reviews

There are many extremely useful forums where people talk about their PC or smartphone issues. You can register for them and reply to their queries. If you are perceived as an expert, you will increase your chances of discovery. Make sure to add your social media accounts in the forum signature. You can also write comprehensive reviews on different subjects related to your app in order to increase chances of discovery.

3. Web Marketing

Have you ever heard of micro-sites? These miniature pages are usually designed for a short period of time, and their main purpose is to advertise an upcoming app, software or service. It is here that you can say more about what you are developing, and hopefully attract more fans. Make sure to use correct SEO tactics and social media marketing techniques.

4. Guest-Blogging

Similar to the forum solution, you can also try to write guest articles which you post on authoritative sites. I advise you to write high-quality posts, and focus on sites with a high amount of traffic. If you want to make your article truly interesting add screenshots or short videos (which you can create on Vine or Instagram) in order to offer a behind-the-scenes look for your app.

What do you think about this app? Feel free to share your thoughts.

About the Author:

Anna Robeson is a digital entrepreneur and tech freak who spends most of her time researching about technology and other interesting news. In her free time she enjoys writing and reading poetry.



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