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Thyrocare, a preventive healthcare diagnosis platform are using AI-powered technology (SigTuple’s AI100) to automate the manual microscopy process across its network.  

This is expected to significantly reduce the turnaround time, standardise reporting quality and increase efficiency multi-fold. Rahul Guha, Managing Director – Thyrocare Technologies, said, “Digitalising microscopy has the potential to transform the face of diagnostics throughout India, and AI-integration in diagnostics is a game-changer. It has brought remarkable precision to our diagnostic capabilities. With the flagship product SigTuple AI100, we can now provide more accurate results, increased productivity, reduced TAT, and all this at lower costs.”   

Digitalising microscopy has the potential to transform the face of diagnostics throughout India, and AI-integration in diagnostics is a game-changer

Rahul Guha, Managing Director – Thyrocare Technologies

Thyrocare is in the process of expanding its presence across tier-2/3 cities and towns. Digital microscopy with artificial intelligence will be an enabler in a big way to do peer review on abnormal samples reporting and diagnosing several critical disorders like malarial infections, cancers, etc. Artificial intelligence brings down the scan time significantly which gives leverage to labs to report quickly. The scan data is available for secondary opinion, sharing with clinicians in a digital format. 

Dr. Preet, Head Clinical Operations & Quality, Thyrocare Technologies added, “COVID has revolutionised the way diagnostics work. Digitalising pathology services is hence the need of the hour. One important advantage of pathological AI models is reduced errors in diagnosis. These models assist in automatic detection, quantification of haematology parameters, and accurate disease diagnosis. Along with detailed haematology image analysis, AI models comprehensively investigate medical metadata for precision medicine. With SigTuple, AI will greatly accelerate clinical diagnosis with improved accuracy and efficiency. Such advanced diagnosis promises better treatment with enhanced patient outcomes.”  

World over, it is strongly believed that artificial intelligence-assisted digital microscopy is the way forward for pathology. Digital microscopy is the process in which a physical sample is digitally imaged through a microscopic lens. This makes it possible for pathologists to review them with ease in digital format. Artificial intelligence helps increase efficiency by automating most of the review.  

SigTuple AI100 is the premier solution for AI-assisted digital pathology. It is also the only digital pathology solution available, which is economical and robust enough for wide scale adoption in emerging markets. Dr. Tathagato Rai Dastidar, Founder & CEO, SigTuple commented on the association, “SigTuple started in 2015 with a singular goal – to make quality healthcare more accessible, more accurate and more affordable. AI100 was built to solve the problem of digital pathology with that aim in mind. We are very excited to see that vision coming true in real life, and that our product is now being deployed by most of the key laboratory networks in the country.”

Thyrocare is in the process of deploying SigTuple AI100 across its laboratories. As a pilot, installations have been done in the Thyrocare labs at Lucknow, Nagpur and Ranchi where a panel of doctors are already using the technology to serve patients in reduced turnaround time.  


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