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A lot of young entrepreneurs don’t know how to start their own business, even though they have a brilliant business idea. They lack the strategy and a clear idea how to get going. When you launch a new strartup you need to carefully consider your options, invest enough time into the design of your logo. You should take into consideration the website design and marketing strategies, think of the branding and concepts. These important steps should not be ignored on the early stages of your startup. It can be overwhelming and confusing in the beginning, the following tips would help you to set up your business.

Where to begin?

It is essential to be confused when you start a branding process from scratch. Ask yourself a lot of questions about the future of your business and come up with some specific answers. Your logo and brand strategy should reflect the core values of your business.

Spend several days brainstorming the company’s strategy and plans. This way you’ll create your brand name, logo, byline and much more. Think of possible online advertising strategies and promotional products. How do you want your company to be represented? Think of various directions and different strategies for your business.


I am sure you have several inspiring companies in mind. Don’t copy their style; simply identify what these companies can offer and why your business is different. Think of the ways you can improve the existing product or service. You can pick certain characteristics that you like, improve and incorporate them into your product.  For example, if you like a structured website design of a company, you can use similar organized design in your website as a template or use it as a general idea for a layout.

Work on your logo

You can find great sites on the net that would give you access to multitude of logos from around the world. Go through several logo pages and you will have a clear idea what you want to see on your logo. Such logo branding galleries provide a great inspiration for designers and business owners.

Successful logo is half the battle already. You will place it on promotional materials, website, and business cards to increase your brand awareness. You should also put it on lanyards, pens and other stationery equipment for your office.

First impressions matter

When your clients see your logo or a website, they judge you based on this information. Therefore, these first impressions can either attract new customers or turn them away. A dysfunctional website would not be good for your business. You have to pay attention to small details and improve your company’s performance on a daily basis.

Random website visitors have no expectations of your website, that’s why you need to impress them with a nice branding and marketing. If your website attracts their attention, they would stay and go through previous materials.

You need to set your goals and work towards achieving them. If you’re launching a new social networking site or a sharing community you can learn more about the history of Facebook or Reddit. This information would give you an idea of their failures and success stories. This way you will be more aware of your options.

 About the Author

This is a guest-post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is an occasional blogger interested in marketing and business related topics. Her dream is to start her own startup company one day. When she is not working she likes to play on her mobile device with various games and go out travel with friends to discover hidden places around the globe.


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