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The latest version of the Vivaldi Technologies browser, Vivaldi 5.2 is here. These browser underdogs, who have been competing against Big Tech, are introducing features such as the Reading List Panel and a Privacy Statistics Bar in their latest release.

It was exactly six years ago, when Jon Stephenson von Tetzchne and the team launched the first version of Vivaldi.

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In this version, the privacy first browser offers exciting releases like the Reading List Panel, which lets users view and manage the stories they wish to read from the browser’s sidebar. Also, now that they have included Reading List on their Android version, the user can sync their Reading Lists across multiple devices.

The Reading List Panel

The Reading List Panel offers perks such as a double-click on the selected item opens the corresponding page in a new tab immediately. A click on the minus (-) button removes an item from the list, while a plus (+) button adds a new one. Clicking the eye button indicates the saved page as unread or read.

Users can search and filter easily through the search bar in the Panel by filtering the Reading List, recognising URLs and words in the page’s title.

Sorting and organising is also better as the sort menu reorders the list by the title, read status, date updated, or address. Users can also sync their Reading List across devices.

Privacy Statistics Bar

With privacy as their original vision, they’ve added a Privacy Statistics Bar in the Start Page of the browser, providing detail on the number of trackers and ads that Vivaldi has blocked, preventing them from profiling the user.

The user can see the number of ads and trackers blocked from following them, displayed right at the entry point of the Start Page itself. Until now, they could see the Ad and Tracker Blocker statistics per site per visit when clicking on the shield icon on the Address Bar.

By displaying the collective tracking information of all the trackers and ads, this version aims to build awareness about the massive level of tracking prevalent today, so as to help users make informed decisions about their browsing.

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In addition, their new version on Android also launched today, which includes a host of features, including a Reading List, a Translate Panel, and various other improvements.


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