Yahoo! Hack event


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Yahoo! Hack event

6th edition of Yahoo! Hack India was organized for the first time in cyber city ‘Hyderabad’


The energy at the 6th edition of Yahoo Hack in India was electrifying as we counted down to the close of hacking at Yahoo! Hack Hyderabad, 2013. Over 250 developers from more than 20 states fought it out in the 24-hour Hackathon.

Interesting facts on Y! Hack Hyderabad 2013:
  • We had 250 hackers in the house, who built an impressive 56 hacks in just 24 hours.
  • 8% of the hackers at the event were women.
  • The theme of this year’s hack event was around Mobile and Personalization. Most of the Hacks submitted were around geo location, science based apps on sentiment analysis, photo based apps and SMS.
  • The hackers downed over 1500 cups of coffee and tea, and 350 cans of Red Bull – they needed the fuel, since only 5 per cent slept through the night!
Winner details at Yahoo! Hack, Hyderabad 2013:

As the hackers thought of ideas, they were informed that the judges will be looking for the best hacks in the categories below. The maximum team size was 4 people. In order to be eligible to win, the hack had to use at least one Yahoo! technology. Details were mentioned on for a full list of choices.

1. Grand Prize Winner

Awarded to the best hack overall. This is the hack that the judges are collectively most amazed by.



Hack: PlanMan!
Winners: Varun Kumar Nagarajan, Arun Kumar Nagarajan, Raghu Ram, Amit Bharti


A mobile app which lets you do Workflow Management through SMS and Missed calls. It takes inputs from any type of mobile device and is targeted towards a small group or company wanting to schedule their daily tasks.

(Trivia – Hackers Varun & Arun are twins who have been participating in Yahoo! Hack events from the last 4 years, each year Varun used to fly out to Bangalore from Hyderabad to team with his brother for Yahoo! Hack in Bangalore. This year Arun from Bangalore came down to attend the event in Hyderabad ?)

2. Most Creative Hack

Awarded for uniqueness, innovation, creativity and novelty. This winner elicits an “I’ve never seen that,” reaction.


Hack: Bachao
Winners: Mayank Yadav, Abhijit Sinha, Asmita Metrewar, Vikalp Handa

This Android app uses the accelerometer in the Smartphones to track the user’s location in event of a car accident and sends an alert to their emergency contacts and the ambulance service.

3. Best Technical Hack:

Awarded to the most technically impressive hack. How much and how well can you build within 24 hours?

Hack: Train Tracker
Winners: Sagar Pandey, Rohan Prinja, Shahid Khan, Ahamed Salim

A mobile traveler app that asks for users PNR number to provide them real-time train information on an ongoing journey including next stop, time to reach the destination, train status and weather forecast of the upcoming station.
Hack Url:

4. Best Potential Product:

Awarded to the hack that judges can most easily imagine being launched and succeeding as a real product.

Hack: iCity
Winners: By Yogesh Joshi, Dinesh Salve

An iOS app which gives users basic information about the city they are visiting like weather forecast, public transport, city hospitals, hotels and restaurants, Facebook friends who live in the city all in just one touch!



5. Hackers Choice Award (Voted by Fellow Hackers):

Every Hacker has the opportunity to vote for their favorite hack, so collectively, every participant helps select one of the winners.

Hack: AI Finance
Winners: Abhimitra Kartikeya Surabhi, Rakesh Tadisetty, Amiit Kumar Tiwari, Sudheesh Singanamalla

An app that uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the upcoming stock values. It is helpful for those people who are occasional traders and helps them to make the right choices and avoid losses in their investment.

Winners of Hack India 2013



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