Startup Saturday Ahmedabad


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Startup Saturday Ahmedabad

Event Details

Theme: Marketing for Startups

Date: Saturday, 08th March 2014 – 4:45 PM  to 7:00 PM

Venue: CIIE, IIMA New Campus, Ahmedabad

The Headstart network ‘s  Saturday Start Up’ Ahmedabad Edition powered by 10,000 Start Up and Official Media Partner was just one of the very interesting and helpful sessions audience had in recent past.

The theme of this event was how to market your start up which is by far the most crucial for any start up. The event had one of the best and well known faces of start up in Ahmedabad – Pallav Parikh from and Mitul Dadhaniya from

Mitul shared some very interesting facts on how to market your start up like having to start with a website is must. Also it is necessary to have a clear and attractive landing page as well. The overall process can be shown like this –

marketing funnel

Pallav Parikh from shared very insightful presentation on how to market your start up. One of the main points he emphasized was having to spend money on getting your initial users. Do not shy to spend money on initial users because once you get them and engage them, then you can have possibility of having more users for your site or app.

You need to monitor how many people are coming back to you site once they have visited your site first time. Analytics of your data plays a major role in this process. Also, Pallav emphasized on having a very clear objective and strategy of user acquisition for your start up. Using only one channel is also very important as per Pallav Parikh. For e.g., if you are using SEO for getting new visitors then you need to focus on SEO only rather than going for  anything and everything for marketing.

Apart from two start speakers at this event audience also got chance to witness few lightning speeches of new start ups like –

Recruit 4 Jobs : This is yet another start up in highly crowded recruitment industry. Their unique data aggregation model online and partnerships with service providers are unique points for this new start up. : This is one of the interesting start up which helps users to know the different show timings in Ahmedabad city as well as comparing ticket prices of all cinema halls.

We hope you had a good time attending the event, and this post is to help everyone catch up with the learning from the event.


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